stoning maid.

finally finally.
finally settled down at ben’s new place.
no more packing, unpacking, screwing, and trying to put the furniture into a piece.
such hectic.

cant post any pictures yet, there’s still no internet at this new home.
cant be uploading pictures with a prepaid broadband, it’s gonna take forever.
still not doing anything much lately, except for being a maid haha.

to be frank, i’m really really lazy back at home and messy as well.
i’ll leave everything to my maid and i just hate to do all the tidying and what not.
no idea what hit me, i’m entirely opposite of what i use to be back at home now.
i cleaned the toilet, i can never believe that. and also that really dirty refrigerator.
i feel like i am a little allergic to dirt and stains wtf but i still do it here.
i know, my mom will never believe this.
and i clean everything so often, this is not even me.
prolly it’s still new or maybe i subconsciously thinks that this is our home wtf.
that’s why i try to make it as homey as possible.

anyway, other than being a part time maid, i’m a part time stoner as well.
yeah, for only these two days.
first it was last night, when me and ben went out in the middle of the night to hunt for supper.
it’s drizzling when we stepped out so i went back up alone to get the umbrella.
so it goes like this, i went into the lift with a couple and another guy.
the couple gets of the lift at the eighth floor.
then the guy gets out of the lift on the ninth floor, i was daydreaming all along.
when the guy gets out, i followed him when i was suppose to get out on the fourteenth floor.
he walks out and i just followed behind, then he turned around and gave me the wtf look.
my expression when i realise is this D:
i was like wtf, walked quickly back into the lift and press the close button nonstop for fear that he’ll turn around walk back in, point his finger at me and laugh.
WTF!! friggin malu can dieeee.

then another one was today, me and ben was taking a tram and there’s a bunch of young schoolgirls beside me (which distracted me).
it was a slow ride, so i was practically stoning again.
ben said, “we get off at the next stop” and i answered okay.
then when the tram reached the next stop ben said let’s go and me being a stoner did not hear that at all.
he get off the tram only to realise i was still in the tram, dreaming. T_T
and when i realised he’s already off the tram, the door was already close.
my god, for a moment i panicked. and go all malu once again.
he stare at me with a wtf look and me staring back with only one thing in my mind. (give me a big hole so i can jump right in and dissapear)
luckily there’s a stop just a stone throw away or else…………
sigh, this always happen to me. tried missing stops when i was taking lrt too.

and the cardigan i wore from morning till night today, i forgot to cut away the price tag.
luckily too, it was hidden in the inside but still, it’s a pretty big price tag.
wtf is wrong with me!?

maybe i should go get more sleep, not sure if it helps.
but i’m sleepy now and the boyf is studying, no time to entertain this stupid girlf.
ciao for now.

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