Supermareket Shopping

Went to Tesco with baby the other night. The new Tesco at Taman Midah. We went to supermarket to do some shopping. I like going to supermarket with my other half because it gives me a very together feeling. I want to stay together and do grocery shopping together buying stuff like Dynamo, Shieldtox, and just whatever I need in a house. But this time, of course we did not buy such things. All we buy is just snacks and food, haha. See, we are not staying together so we don’t have to buy those stuff yet.

This is what we buy..

His: Chipsmore, Icegem biscuit, Pop Pop Durian.
Mine: Ken Ken, Wasabi Seaweed, Custard Cream Biscuit, Bliss.

I tell you all ah, that Bliss right, is so damn delicious. It is so smooth and so tasty and yummy and whats best is that it is good for health too. I finish mine already and I wanna buy again. :) Yum..

I just went to Ikea yesterday and I have taken lots and lots of picture. Due to the massive amount of pictures, I need more time to post it up. So just wait la..

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  1. dira September 20, 2007

    i also love shopping groceries with my fiance! a wonderful feeling!

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