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Little Lucia : Little Fantasies

I guess every girl on earth loves accessories, including myself of course.
But I’m never the type of person who will splurge on accessories.

To me, apparel always comes first.
Though deep down, I actually love both. I always have to make a choice between choosing apparel or accessories to spend my money on.

You should have known by now what kind of a stingy person I am when it comes to spending my money.

So most of the time I buy apparels and admire accessories.

Accessories can change a dull outfit into an exciting and interesting one.
It can bring out the character of a person or tells a story of the designer behind the scene.
I love it’s ability to tell a character, it’s ability to tell a story.

Some accessories are so beautiful I can stare at it all day long.

I came across this brand that produces accessories called Little Lucia and I absolutely adore their products.
Staring at it all day long needs no effort.

Little Lucia is a jewelry brand founded in 2009. The brand born with the idea of taking piñata parties and tiny elements and turning them into lovely and quirky Jewelry with a little touch of elegance, perfect to compliment outfits and give them a playful twist. A delicate mix of materials combine gold, silver, crystals and pearls.

New collection from Little Lucia. Gold chain and pastel fringes.


Lucy in the sky, crystal + deer.

Hanging dolls head.

Hanging ponies.

Gold chain, pearls, and blue pony.

Pinata party.

Tea time ring.

Tea set ring.

In the park.

Hanging down from Little Lucia’s gold chains and pearls are little fantasies that will brighten up your day and of course your outfit.

Aren’t these accessories lovely?
Click on Little Lucia’s online store and check out which pieces you can actually buy and call it your own.


Little Lucia
Little Lucia Online Store

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PHONE NUMBER: 81 3 5770 6573


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