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Heineken Thirst

Heineken Thirst is da boom!!
Frankly speaking, I did not regret a single bit for spending Rm78 for the rave.
Hell lot better than the Speedzone rave I went to at Genting.

Godskitchen boombox is awe-to-the-some!
The visuals are impressive. I’ll let my pictures do the talking for me.

* The kakis I went to rave with.

* DJ Goldfish and DJ Blink.

* Wont you look at that?

* DJ Chuckie is the best shit for the night. Man, he’s really awesome!

* I guess that’s Gavin’s head blocking.

* DJ Sander Van Doorn

* Changing from DJ to city..

* From city to a speaker or something.

* We are the ones who enjoy the rave more. Some were bored to death, I don’t know how can that even happen.

* Chilling at the lounge when we’re all tired, trying to catch our breath. Gavin, Poh Juan, Victor, Daniel, and Alvin.

Two videos from my camera for you guys to enjoy.
Just go to my Youtube for more videos. The remaining ones are from Bryan’s phone. Not as clear, of course but please watch it. It’s so gooood.

There’s a part where Chuckie went up to the DJ table and he asked us to all squad down, including himself.
When the beat drops, we all have to jump. That is insanely fun and high.
I literally went crazy.
I don’t need drugs to get high. These musics are my drugs.
I get high even watching the video wtf.

I’ll definitely go to rave again if I can afford the ticket. :D
And you should too at least once.