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Instapost #1

Instagram pictures x blogpost = Instapost (lazy way, lazy way).
So here they are in no chronological order.

#1 Laduree macarons! Fatty’s mom gave me a box as souvenir from France, how sweet. They definitely taste good but I somehow feel like I prefer Nathalie’s, perhaps it’s the flavour. Nonetheless, thank you very much. :)

#2 I finally bought myself a new camera cause I figured I cant take this Iphone crap anymore. Fatty also gets extra annoying when I asked for his phone to take pictures so why don’t I just get myself a camera so that he can shut up. It definitely works, haha. Instead of insisting on a pink one (like how I insisted few years back), I picked a white one which is surprisingly a surprise cause that’s not quite me. Guess I’ve changed? But I still insist on a pink Sony Vaio though after more than 5 years. Anyway back to the camera, it’s a Samsung MV900F with a built-in wifi and flip out display. Kind of like the perfect camera for me, especially when I bought it for only Rm700. Definitely a value buy, I’d say.

#3 Have I mentioned that I dislike anything ugly? You know those black typical looking camera strap? I cant do that so I tried searching for a cute looking strap and I found this yellow rubber ducky strap which is excellent. There’s no metal clasp or whatsoever so it wouldn’t scratch my camera, how awesome. Plus it’s really cute and it cost me only RM9. :D

#4 New Artisan Roast located in Section 13, in a rather secluded and industrial area. Lotsa wood, bricks, and bare concretes for the industrial-like lover but one thing though, the place gets a little too hot when I was there. They should probably invest in a few more air-cons considering our Malaysia weather. Fatty doesn’t really like this branch, he prefers the one in TTDI. Definitely more cosy than this.

#5 This is how we usually spend our Sundays when he isn’t at work, drinking coffee and fooling around. That’s how I like my Sunday too, coffee, dessert, magazine and that fat guy I love.

#6 Toju on a Saturday night. Tujo replaced 7atenine at Ascott, with a better interior I’d say. Not too sure how their food taste like but the Sangria we ordered was awful. I thought I could break free (LOL) and really drink alcohol for a night cause the last time I checked Sangria was good stuff and I’m gonna change that mindset from now on thanks to Tujo. Tujo’s Sangria tasted like medicine AND alcohol, just bad. Werner’s at Changkat’s Sangria was good, at least that’s what I recall.

#7 This is my fat baby and me. LOL!

#8 Went all out to buy myself these lovely (and expensive!) magazines. I just couldn’t love them enough I will probably do a post on them soon. Kinfolk, Cereal, and Uppercase.

#9 We should all appreciate the finer things in life, the little things. Instead of wasting energy trying to bring people down (especially for a guy), why don’t you appreciate the time and energy you have, make full use of it and earn yourself some money (and dignity). Just appreciate, you know.

#10 Oysters from Shucked. Couldn’t beat the oysters we had at Cumulus Inc from Melbourne. This whole I-friggin-miss-and-want-to-go-to-Melbourne is repeating self again. Pfft!

#11 3D coffee chocolate art from ‘Coffee Stain by Joseph’ at Publika. Coffee stain don’t have the best interior but they do have very good service, 3D art, and very smooth coffee. Fatty loves it and I hope that we can go over again anytime soon. But Publika is a little hard, it’s too far from my place. Then again, for the love of good coffee and cute art it might just be worth it.

#12 Had a very very quick lunch at Chinoz on the Park while we wait for the tow man to tow’s Fatty car. I also saw Kimora Lee Simmons who happened to sit right beside our table! I saw her and I was like ‘Damn this lady looks like Kimora Lee, must be someone who looks really like her cause it’s impossible that she’ll be here in KLCC next to my table ALONE.’ Turns out, she really is Kimora Lee and she is soooooooo tall we’re all like midgets around her. Food wise from Chinoz on the Park, I will not be back.

#13 New bakery at Bangsar, Tous Les Jour.

#14 Getting my craving fixed, Strawberry shortcake and Caramel Machiato. Maybe I can try baking Strawberry shortcake since I have a mini oven at home now, jeng jeng.

#15 3CE! YAY!! I’ve been wanting to buy these babies but every time I finish adding them into carts I stopped myself. My self control obviously isn’t at it’s best so….. Review soon perhaps.

#16 3CE gave me a free nail polish (the pink one), how nice of them. As for the gold glitter, it’s Sephora by O.P.I I bought from Sephora online. Kinda like how they turned out.

#17 TADAA! I got myself braces after sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long of wanting them! In a way I always thought that I will never be able to afford them but I could now so I’m really happy! I will have to visit my dentist every 3 weeks to tighten it, hopefully it wont take longer than a year. I just had it for a week and the first two days was hell. Oklah I don’t want to exaggerate it, the pain was really annoying but bearable still. No solid food for the first few days as I couldn’t really bite due to the pain but I still ate rice though instead of porridge. I cant go more than two days without eating rice, typical asian thing. Getting the braces cost me Rm5000 and another few hundreds for extracting my teeth, x-rays, and what not. Hopefully this braces thing will be more bearable after this week.

#18 Wah Yan who’s gonna remove her braces soon, me with my new braces, and Foon after her braces.

#19 At Paradise Valley with the bunch for twins’ birthday. Sometimes I miss gatherings like such but now we’re all just busy with work especially the boys. But I’m proud though, we’ve all grown up. :)