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Macau / Hong Kong Trip – Day 02

The night before was a long day, I did my usual bathtub-thing and fall asleep on the bed later on while the guys went to casino.
The next day, we ate hotel’s buffet breakfast before heading out and to be frank their breakfast sucks.
So if you ever choose Sheraton as your hotel in Macau, stay away from their breakfast. I’d much rather pay and have much better food in Macau.

#1 The only bowl of noodle which can keep my mouth shut, not that it’s really good but the beef soup keeps my tummy warm.

I wasn’t in my best-est mood because I had food poisoning right before my trip (meh) and I wasn’t entirely recover when I was at Macau.
After breakfast we were on the move to the place I most look forwarded to, Macau Giant Panda Pavilion at Coloane.

#2 Panda!!! I was really excited and happy because that day was the first (and currently the only) time I saw a real panda right in front of me. I couldn’t contain my happiness, I just kept smiling and omg-ing cause panda is pretty irresistible.

If you’re planning for a Macau trip and you’ve never seen a real panda, this place is definitely a must go. Or a must go if you simply just love Panda.
My friend went to Ocean Park in Hong Kong and waited for the panda for an hour and all she could see was the cctv hahaha!
Kesian her.
Another reason why Macau Giant Panda Pavilion must be put in your itinerary is because the entrance fee is so cheap you can’t pass this by. It’s only MOP10 per entrance which is lesser than RM5. #saywhat!

I also heard that Malaysia is gonna loan two pandas from China and the entrance fee will be like Rm100+ and although I don’t know how true this is but I figured Rm5 for an entrance do me no harm.

#3 See!!!!! I literally died of it’s cuteness.

#4 I wish I could have the panda as my pet, then I can lay it on all day all night like a beanbag. :D

Here’s a little tip : The best time to visit according to my research is during morning because that’s when the panda eat their breakfast.
For the entire time, this panda was just eating and eating and munching on the bamboo leaves.

#5 If you come at another timing, I don’t know what you’ll get but probably this. Sleeping far far away.

There are a few more animals around like monkeys and all that which makes the MOP10 I paid even more worth it than it already is.
After ooh-ing and aah-ing over the pandas, we head back to Taipa and went over to Venetian.

#6 Venetian is really big and spacious but I wasn’t very much interested because first, I cant shop and second (I don’t know why) this somehow just kept reminding me of Genting’s First World.

Venetian was also themed on Venice which from what I remembered look nothing like Venice so…..
Big space, expensive shops, just really not my thing.
There’s one thing that impressed me though, the gondoliers were real (unlike the one in Genting) and they will serenade you with a song or two.

#7 Lord Stow’s was the reason as to why I want to go to Venetian.

#8 I so want one right now!!

Lord Stow’s is very famous for their Portuguese egg tart and once you take a bite, you can clearly see why there’s a queue right outside.
After Lord Stow’s we took a ferry to Hong Kong and that’s when shit happened.
Rain happened I mean.

#9 For the first night we booked Mini Hotel at Central (there’s two) and it sure does live up to it’s name, mini.
Of course, I’ve expected it to be that mini from the beginning, we only paid HKD550 (RM250).

#10 Mini Hotel’s waiting area.

#11 Though the room is very small but I like the idea that they put in effort into decorating their lounge area making it as comfortable as possible.

#12 It’s just nice.

#13 Stayed on the 10th floor.

#14 What you see here in the picture is the entire room, hahaha!

#14 This is mini-er than mini! I’m fine with small rooms since I’m very petite so the size of it doesn’t really bother me. If you’re big size or claustrophobic you might want to reconsider. And yes, the washroom/bathroom is covered only with glass aherm. I guess this will be fine for couples (let’s be real here) but if you’re travelling with your bff I don’t think glass-covered bathroom will make you feel comfortable.

Also if you look at the toilet bowl, you can’t sit on it and close the glass door unless you sit side way (which is what I did HAHA) BUT my fat boyfriend couldn’t sit side way so he did his ‘business’ without the door close while I was sleeping. I woke up suddenly prolly because of the smell and he gave me this innocent look and said ‘sorry sorry, I can’t close the door and I cant sit side way like you did. sorry’.
I wanted to kill him right then but thinking back now I feel like laughing at his reaction hahaha!

#15 Though small, the room has everything you need. There’s tv, hair dryer, and a boiler. Oh wait there’s also a safe underneath the bed.

#16 If you’re fatter than fatty, I suggest you not book Mini Hotel at Central because the shower area might not fit.

Mini Hotel at Central though small but the location make up for it. 3 minutes walk to Lan Kwai Fong, 5 minutes walk to The Peak Tram station, 10 minues walk to IFC, and 5 minutes car ride from Macau Ferry Terminal. How great is that?

#17 After settling down we headed to Sing Heung Yuen (勝香園), one of the very few dai pai dongs left in Hong Kong for a quick lunch.
Sing Heung Yuen is just right opposite the all time famouse Kau Kee beef noodle.

It was suppose to be an enjoyable walk from our hotel whereby I explore the streets of Hong Kong for the first time but it rained. Mtfk. Haha sorry for the rudeness but damn!

#18 The simplest tomato and beef noodle, HKD26. From what I’ve noticed, Hong Kong’s food portion is huge! Two person can definitely share a bowl.

#19 Crispy toast that turned out to be too crispy for my braces.

#20 Walked around Soho for a bit and I definitely like it there. Soho and Sheung Wan is love.

#21 Went into Abercrombie and Fitch to look at chandeliers and muscular guys. One minute I went in these guys were wearing their denim shirts and the next they weren’t wearing any shirts. I mean what kind of job is that, showing off muscles haha! But at least they look good, their muscles match their height and it’s not overdone. Guys who overdo it looks like they’re gonna tumble any minute lol.

#22 While walking towards The Peak Tram station.

Two way tram ticket to The Peak costs HKD75 (RM32) which is not expensive at all.
We went up on a Saturday night and the queue going up and coming down was long. I cant quite feel my legs then.

#23 I have a thing for trams.

#24 Since the weather isn’t at it’s best, I was afraid I couldn’t get a clear view from The Peak but thank God the view was quite clear that night.

#25 Super pale me and fatty. I wasn’t feeling too well, it was raining and The Peak was cold and windy due to the rain. Walking the whole day mostly under the rain didn’t help.

#26 Cold die. How am I suppose to go to a place with 0 degree Celsius.

#27 The boys and a umbrella from Circle K which is a very lousy umbrella I must say.

#28 Because it kept flipping and flipping it gets so annoying!

Had dinner at Tsui Wah after The Peak with Foon before the night really begins.

#29 Fatty’s champagne milk tea.

#30 Cutest cup ever for my nai cha.

#31 So I heard Tsui Wah have very good Hainanese chicken rice and when it comes to chicken rice, I can’t quite say no. But damn, it wasn’t half as good as what we have here in Malaysia.

Tsui Wah is overly price and the food was mediocre so don’t bother.

#32 Changed and headed to Lan Kwai Fong which to me is KL’s Changkat.


#34 As usual I was the only one who wasn’t drinking.

After one round of beers at Lan Kwai Fong, my man wanted to try Hong Kong’s club so off we went. We decided on the club called Play.
Clubbing in Hong Kong is extremely expensive! Cover charge is price at around HKD300 to HKD400 per person without drinks and a glass of alcohol costs about HKD100. Clubbing in Malaysia suddenly became so much cheaper.

#35 Play was pretty awesome. There were lots of pretty people there that night, most looked like models. The gwailos were all tall and handsome, Foon and I couldn’t stop staring.

#36 But my Fatty also not bad lah.

#37 So she said Play was the best club she went to in Hong Kong and it was really pretty good. I’d say a lot better than Butter Factory, so go figure.

I was having fun until I became too tired and cant wait to hit the sack.
It was a very very long day.

Macau Giant Panda Pavilion
Address: Seac Pai Van Park, Coloane, Macau
Opening Hours: 10:00-13:0o, 14:00-17:00 (Close on Monday)

Lord Stow’s Bakery & Cafe
Address: Shop 2119A, Marco Polo District,
The Grand Canal Shoppes, Venetian.
Opening Hours: 10.00am – 11.oopm
10.00am – 12.ooam (Friday & Saturday)

Mini Hotel Central
Address: 38, Ice House St, Central, Hong Kong.
Tel: (852) 2103 0999
Fax: (852) 2536 9719
Email: stay@minihotel.hk

Sing Heung Yuen 勝香園
2 Mei Lun Street, Central
Tel: (852) 2544 8368
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat: 08:00-17:30; Sun: Closed

The Peak Tram Station
Address: Central’s Garden Road St Joseph Building
Tel : (852) 2522 0922
Fax : (852) 2849 6237
Email : info@thepeak.com.hk
Opening Hours: 7am – 12 midnight

Tsui Wah
Address: G-2/F, 15-19 Wellington Street, Central
Tel: (852) 2525 6338
* There’s a lot of Tsui Wah branches so I’m not quite sure if they taste all the same.

Address: 1st Floor On Hing Building, 1 On Hing Terrace, Lan Kwai Fong, Central
Email: info@playclub.asia
Operation Hours: Every day from 6pm till late

Macau / Hong Kong Trip – Day 01

There’s these two countries I actually never thought of going for a very long time, Hong Kong and Japan.
Hong Kong has always been giving me this ‘overly-crowded’ feeling (same goes to Tokyo) and not to mention overly priced.
For many years, Hong Kong just doesn’t interest me and I cant explain why. As for Japan, I just hate the idea that Japanese used to be cruel people during war time. I know right, but I cant help feeling that way lol.
This, my best friend knows best cause I’ve been that way since high school.

But my mindset changed as I grow and I just want to visit wherever and whenever I have the ability to.
Also since our friend Victor is at China, we planned a visit.

5 days, 4 nights and the first night was spent roaming Macau.
Instead of buying a return ticket to Hong Kong, I suggested that we buy two one way tickets.
So we arrived in Macau from Lcct and departed from Hong Kong to Lcct and that way, we get to save a little on the ferry by just buying a one-way ticket. Get to save about Rm70 per person, better than nothing. :)
Air tickets was about Rm600 per person all together and ferry from Macau to Hong Kong was included in our hotel package and to break it down, it’s HKD 162 for one way.

#1 Departed at 6.30am and reached Macau about 11am. The weather was really moody throughout my entire Macau/Hong Kong trip.

We actually planned to stay a night at Zhuhai, at Victor’s place but ended up booking a room at Macau instead.

#2 We booked Sheraton at Taipa for HKD 1700+ (RM750+) which includes two one way ferry ticket to Hong Kong and two buffet breakfast.

#3 Sheraton Hotel is the most affordable among the higher end hotels and since we wanted to stay around Taipa, there’s really not much hotel to choose from. Normal hotels will be charge at around RM400+ and to pay a little bit more for a far better hotel is totally worth it.

#4 Then there’s the pool.

After dealing with our luggages at hotel, we took a free shuttle bus to ‘Kuan Zap’ or known as the Macau border to cross over to Zhuhai.

One thing great about Macau is that they have free shuttle bus everywhere and if you’re not in a hurry, it is the best way of transportation if saving money is also your priority.
It took us about less than half an hour to cross the border and we met up Victor at Zhuhai Underground shopping mall which is right outside the border.

#5 Had our lunch at a random restaurant before our shopping begins.

I only ended up buying a trolley bag! :(
But oklah my trolley bag cost me about RM90 only, hehe.

#6 After all the borders crossing, checking in our room, we headed to Senado Square and along the way we entered this famous milk restaurant, Yishun milk company.

#7 Not quite use to the way their restaurant/cafe looks.

#8 Ordered Macau pork bun which I cant seem to enjoy due to my braces, the bread was too hard for me.

#9 ‘Ginger sauce bang milk’, direct translate HAHAHA. Fatty loves it but I find it weird.

So my mom finds it weird too and I thought, ‘aiyah she lousy don’t know how to enjoy’ but I guess it runs in the genes. Lol.

#10 Don’t know what they call this in English but this is ‘dan tan’ (MOP12) which is like our steam egg (jing sui dan) but instead of salty this tastes sweet. Damn weird for me also lah cause all my life I’ve been eating salty steam egg then suddenly you give me a bowl of ‘sweet steam egg’. -_-‘

#11 St. Dominic’s church.

Don’t know why my pictures so blur one lah! Don’t know it’s my camera, the editing app or my Iphone lah or 3 all together pfft!

I just realised that my camera don’t really have this anti-shake like my old Sony so it tends to be blur because my hands will shake! MEH!
Aiya also because of the editing app cause my apek Iphone prolly cannot save higher resolution pictures lah so now I cant wait for Apple to come out their newest Iphone already. Wait till my neck also long!

#12 Just look at the sky! T_T

#13 Ruins of St. Paul.

#14 We didn’t walk all the way up because time was running out. Also because I know there’s always a next time so never mind.

#15 The boys.

We were rushing because we needed to get back to Taipa by 7.30pm for House of Dancing Water show.

#16 Just the two of us because Victor watched it.

The cheapest ticket available is HKD580 (RM250)!
I read from Trip Advisor that it’s a must watch so I checked the price and after looking at the ridiculous price, I wasn’t planning to watch it.
But then Fatty’s father told us it’s a must watch, so oklor we watch lor.
RM250 is a-freaking-lot.

#17 House of Dancing Water was pretty impressive, they have a lot of machines and stuff coming out from below the ground but I didn’t quite understand the story line though. Should have read it beforehand.

#18 Then they have giraffe.




#22 This is the part where I like most.

#23 The performers were hanging and swining, they looked like they’re having lots of fun.

#24 This is the part Fatty loves the most, the bike flew so fast I couldn’t get to snap it in time. I enjoyed this a lot too, really exciting to watch.

If you have RM250 to spare, do watch because we really don’t get this type of quality show here in Malaysia.

#25 Macau at night.

After watching the show, Victor joined us and we went over to Ruo da Cunha, Taipa for supper.

#26 We went to Casa de Pasto de Seng Cheong restaurant for crab porridge, we ordered the small portion for MOP130. The porridge was quite addictive but the remaining two dishes were nothing to shout about.

#27 Fried frog.

#28 Lala.

I wish I could go to Ruo da Cunha during day time because there’s a lot of food around and a lot of things to see.
Next time, next time.

#29 Thank God I get to try Gelatina Mok Yi Kei just right before their closing time.

#30 One of their best seller, durian ice-cream. Right balance of sweetness and the durian flavour was really intense.

#31 Fatty’s serradura which is some kind of Portugese pudding which tasted really good too. Something I’ve never tried before.

#32 Them boys enjoying their dessert.

Before I went to Hong Kong, my friend warned me that Hongkies are rude people and that they will scold you or shoo you off base on her experience.
But from what I encountered was that Macanese are a lot scarrier. Not all, just a few but they’re just weird in their own way.
Hongkies treated me just fine.

Leitaria I Son / Yishun Milk Company
Add: No. 7 Largo Senado, Macau, China
Tel: 853-28573638
Opening Hours: 9.30am – 12pm Daily

Casa de Pasto Seng Cheong
Add: 28-30 Rua do Cunha R/C, Vila de Taipa
Tel: +853 2882 5323
Opening Hours: 12:00-23:00 Mon – Sun

Gelatina Mok Yi Kei
Add: 9A Rua do Cunha R/C
Tel: +853 2882 5440
Opening Hours: 7.00am till 11.00pm Daily

Quick Post : Macau & Hong Kong

Here’re some pictures from Macau and Hong Kong while I (slowly) take my time to sort out the rest.

#1 While walking towards Ruins of St. Paul at Macau.

#2 I love the area around Senado Square, the buildings, the stairs, and the way their streets look.

#3 Ah peks and their birdies.

#4 Looking down from our hotel’s roof top at Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

#5 Hollywood road.

#6 Saw quite a few ah sum and ah po pulling cardboard around.

#7 Vintage store at Soho, selling branded pre-loved stuff.

#8 Mini abalones drying up by the street.

#9 Hong Kong’s snack outside Langham and definitely not one of the best pfft.

#10 Fatty’s wet brogue (due to the rain) and my Minnie mouse stocking.

Oklah I try to at least finish up my Macau post by this weekend.