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How to Revive Your Hardened Gel Eyeliner

My post title says it all.

For a person like me who’ll take up two years to finish one make up product, it is inevitable that some of my products will eventually hardened before I even finish half of it.
And by some, I actually mean gel eyeliners and mascaras itself.

From the first day I put on make up till this date, I’ve experimented 3 different types of eyeliners which are the usual; pencil, liquid, and gel.
And of course for those who have tried using gel eyeliners know how fantastic those tiny pots can be.
Easy to apply with a brush and most importantly, it wont smudge easily.
In fact, it wont quite smudge even if you have it on your eyelids and opt for a swim.

For everything, there’s always a good and a bad side to it.
The downside of using a gel eyeliner is that it will hardened as time goes by, especially if you leave the lid on often.
I dislike how difficult it is to apply on my eyelid when the gel eyeliner hardened. ):
So next time when you buy a new pot of gel eyeliner, remember to turn your opened pot of gel eyeliner upside down while you apply your eyeliner so that it wont get hardened so quickly.

So being the stingy girl I am, I tried to find a way to revive my very dry gel eyeliner.
So here I am sharing it with you girls who like gel eyeliners as much as I do or guys if so happen you have a fetish for gel eyeliner.

What you’ll need:

1) A gel eyeliner brush.
2) A toothpick.
3) Eye Mo.
4) And your hardened gel eyeliner that can go right into the bin.

Step 1

Get ready all the needed items above. Opened up your pot of hardened gel eyeliner and smile at it because in a few minutes it will be all soft again like a brand new!
Add one drop of Eye Mo into it.
If you look closely at the picture, the drop of Eye Mo do not sink and blend into the hardened gel eyeliner itself.
Note: Just add one drop will do and if your gel eyeliner is still hard, add another drop. Do not add two or three drops at a time, it might be a little too much for your remaining hardened gel eyeliner.

Step 2

Use the toothpick that you’ve readied to stir and blend your hardened gel eyeliner together with the Eye Mo . Just mix it up all together and make it balance.
Note: It might get a little messy, so do it slowly.

Step 3

This is where the brush comes in. Once you’re done mixing and blending your hardened gel eyeliner with the Eye Mo, you use your brush and gently pat all the mess down into the pot. Just to ‘de-messy-ized’ it.
I used flash for this because it’s really hard for me to capture the soft texture and show it to you girls/guys. Can you tell my pot of Maybelline gel eyeliner is no longer hardened?
Note: In case you add a little too much of Eye Mo at the beginning, use a Q-tip to absorb the extra Eye Mo drop.

Here’s a comparison of a hardened gel eyeliner and a revived hardened gel eyeliner.

You obviously can tell which is before and which is after.
I got this pot of Maybelline gel eyeliner from Vivien on my 22nd birthday which is on November 2010 and after much using it, it became such a hassle for me to put it on because it hardened.
Finally I can revive it and use it like it’s brand new, easy to glide on like it’s first time.

I’m not too sure if it’ll be as smudge proof or waterproof, as I’ve not tried wearing it and jumping into the pool yet.
But I put it on yesterday and it seems to be normal.

Now now, it’s your time to revive your hardened gel eyeliner and save some money!
Give it a try and you’ll be surprise! And be as happy as me!! (: (:

This is my first post related to make up.
Maybe up next I’ll make a post on my liquid eyeliner which I think it’s too darn good for me.
Happy Saturday everyone! (: