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did you jinx my mid-autumn?

i am unhappy!!
how come every year to me mid-autumn festival suck balls?
every year i look forward to it cause i really like playing candles and tang lungs but every year mid-autumn turns out like shit.

who the fuck jinx my mid-autumn?
this is no joke. i’m all alone at home for the past two mid-autumn and now here i am in front of this piece of shit alone!
i’m serious, you can have a look here and here.
it wasn’t suppose to be this way. me and my friends have plan but it just didn’t work out due to some unforeseeable shit.
someone must have jinx it, otherwise it wont turn out like this every year since i break up. Fml!

i really feel like shit now cause i was so looking forward to our mid-autumn’s plan!!
sigh, enough of my angry ranting.
still i hope you guys have a happy mid-autumn festival.
have fun y’all. i’ll just go and figure something out.

or hide at my room’s corner wtf.

Happy Moon’s Day

I know I know, I’m late.
But better late than never right? ahahha

* See, I’m bored hence the video below.

Yes, its me crapping again. :X
Aihhh, you don’t know larh.. I’m so bored till the extend I lit candles in my room.
Nothing much to do so I went to bed real early which is 10 plus.
That’s quite erm, unbelievable. But as I’ve mentioned, I’m reallllly tired.

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoy this year’s Mooncake Festival.
Lots of love. (: