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A little on Gavin’s birthday. A little on outfit of the day.

A rather short post to keep my blog alive.
Just some pictures taken on Gavin’s birthday last Saturday at Neway CEO.
I guess he really like celebrating his birthday in a karaoke, last year was the same.

* Me and Foon who came back from Hong Kong. This time, for 3 weeks. (:

* Some weird bromance going on there.

* ‘Dear’ and birthday boy.

* Ze boys.

* And ze girls.

See, told you it’s gonna be a short post.
But I’m gonna post more, just so that I won’t waste your effort coming into my blog and reading just a few lines with just a couple of pictures.

Some OFTD or OOTD pictures which I took and uploaded to Instagram last week.

* I have a thing for mustard colour and I really like my mustard coloured shoes! My shoes aren’t this bright in real life.

Singlet flag top: Rm10 from Sungei Wang
Woven brown belt: Rm8 from Sungei Wang
Black pants: Rm30+ from Supre
Red bag: Louis Vuitton
Mustard shoes: Rm25 from Pasar Malam

* Really like this asymmetrical dress too, it’s flowy and a little see through and all but this picture just cant tell.

Red maroon asymmetrical dress: Rm30 from Fahrenheit
Green belt: About Rm12 from Fahrenheit
Peacock necklace: Rm6.90

Turquoise see-through flowery top: Rm25 from Time Square
Black leggings: Rm20 from FBlock
Peacock ring: Rm3.90

I’ve never really do this on my blog, exposing how cheap and affordable my clothes are.
Looking for cheap and affordable clothing has always been a challenge for me.
In fact, what use to be a challenge now turns into a habit.
A habit which I really like, I find the joy in it. Lol.

You know you just really cant stop a shopaholic from shopping, no matter how broke they are.
The best way to shop while being broke is to shop cheap. /best

I guess I might do this often, posting up some cheap OFTD / OOTD.
That’s about it for now.

Till then and hope you enjoy seeing my cheap clothes wtf.