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July Beauty Box : Vanity Trove

For the past 6 years of blogging, I’ve never really consider skin care as one of my topic.
I don’t jump from one skin care to another as often as some may do and most often than not I bought mine from drug stores like Watson.

It makes sense that I don’t blog about it at all and it makes complete sense that even if I do, you wouldn’t want to read it.
I’ve tried SkinFood six years back and never go back to using it not because it harms my skin but just because I wanted to find something better.
I’ve also tried Biotherm but my extremely dry face was still flaky and considering the price, I stopped repurchasing it too.

I have recently tried a new range but I will talk about it in another post.
As we girls may know, there are thousands of skin care products on the market and how to pick one that suits our skin without burning a hole in our pocket is always the issue.

I heard from so and so about ‘Brand A’ and it works wonders on her face or I’ve read on a forum how ‘Brand B’ can give you a flawless face after one month and then we ended up buying hoping for a miracle only to feel disappointed all over again.
Of course you may suggest getting samples before buying from beauty counter but the answer we mostly get is ‘samples are finish’ (unless you purchase something from them) or they will hand you the samples along with a ‘what a cheapskate’ look.

It’s hard, especially when you don’t have a good skin condition and you’re not loaded.
So when I found out about beauty box, I was thrilled. What a genius!

Beauty box is a box or a bag or a package or a parcel (lol) containing about 5 to 8 beauty products depending on the company which will be send to your doorstep once a month.
Some products are sample size while some are in full size ranging from skin care, make ups, hair care, and etc.
This is really a win-win situation. (Okay I’m not sure if they win but we consumers definitely do.)

1. You only pay about RM50 at most including postage. (Prices varies among companies.)
2. You get to try the latest skin care on the market.
3. No more splurging and throwing more than half of your skin care cause they don’t work on you.
4. Most of the companies will also pack your box according to your skin profile so in a way it’s a little personalize too.
5. It’s like buying a surprise gift for yourself every month.
6. Totally worth it. No commitment too if you don’t want to.

I subscribed to one month of Vanity Trove last month after much research.
I choose Vanity Trove because firstly they have a base in Singapore which made me have more confidence in them and secondly quite a number of bloggers subscribe to them too.

#1 My box of Vanity Trove for July highlighting Kose.

#2 I paid Rm50 for a box of Vanity Trove. The box is sturdy, with a ribbon for you to pull it out and it is neatly wrapped inside.

#3 What’s on the inside.

* Jean Paul Gaultier EDT in 1ml (that smells powdery which I quite like).
* Payot Objective Zero Default.
* INFINITY Kose Pure Advanced Eye Jelly two sachets.
* INFINITY Kose Deep Protection UV SPF 50++ 8.9ml.
* INFINITY Kose Pure Advanced Jelly II 30ml.
* INFINITY Kose Pure Advanced Serum II 30ml.
* INFINITY Kose Pure Advanced Cleansing Gel 9.6ml.
* INFINITY Kose Pure Advanced Clear Up Wash 9.6ml.

When I tried googling about INFINITY Kose Pure Advanced range, I couldn’t find much about it in Malaysia.
From what I got from Kose Singapore’s website INFINITY Kose Pure Advanced range is a new anti-aging skin care targeted for women aged 20s to early 30s (which is me), to concur visible pores, fine wrinkles, and dryness.

I have yet to try my new samples but the size is definitely great for trips so I guess I’ll just use it during trips or when I stay over at my Fats.

I was a little disappointed with this month’s Vanity Trove because the products aren’t as diverse as previous Trove and there’s isn’t a card that explains the product like they usually have and I ended up googling it myself. Pfft.
They also promised that the box will arrive no later than 1st July or which ever date it is I couldn’t remember but the box came about a week late.
So much for anticipating. :(

You don’t simply promise a Scorpio okay, we take promises SERIOUSLY!
After a not so pleasant experience with Vanity Trove, I’m wondering if I should subscribe from Mivva instead for August.
Mivva is only Rm38 a month and what they have to offer in the box is definitely worth the price you’re paying.
Actually I might just pick Mivva next month since it’s cheaper and the box looks really tempting. :D

One more plus point for beauty box is if you do not know what to buy for your girl friends as a gift, you can subscribe them a month of beauty box which will be delivered to their door step.
How great!