Thanks for Getting On My Nerves

There’s this one particular thing that never fail to get on my nerves and ruin my early morning. Or almost never.
Of course by saying early morning, that is if I manage to wake up and move my bloody ass to college for class.

Right, back to that one particular thing or more like, human being.
Taxi drivers.

Yes, the poor girl here needs to take cab to college unless there’s some saint or one saint to be exact which is Wong Ee Cheeng, is willing to fetch me to college.
She cant fetch me every time now, can she?
So I’m back to taxi drivers again, or another solution which is to walk.
Walking to college from my house early in the morning under the hot sun doesn’t sound to appealing to me.

Yes, so hola there taxi drivers.
I walked over to Leisure Mall and take a cab from there because its cheaper this way.
The normal rate will be Rm3. Fair enough.
And then there’s some greedy dickhead who tries to cheat my money by adjusting the meter or whatever shit it is.
My reaction sitting at the passenger seat behind? Silent rage.
From Rm3 to Rm4!! Man, I know its only Rm1 but it is not only about monetary value, it is about me being cheated!
I looked at the meter, moving so fast as though there’s a tiger chasing after it from behind.
Gosh, I just hate it every time taxi drivers do that to me. I don’t care if its only Rm1 or not, I just hate it.
Don’t fucking tell me you need to do that for a living. I believe without cheating my Rm1, you still can survive and wont starve to death, god damn it.

Not the first time I encounter shitty taxi drivers, in fact I lose count. Umpteenth times it is.
Yes, I’m rambling here about how much I hate taxi drivers who forced me to pay that extra Rm1.
Anyway, don’t get me wrong. Not all taxi drivers are dickheads, there are some really nice ones.
But to whoever that cheated my money or is bound to cheat my money even if its fucking Rm1, to hell you shall go.
I have no mercy for that, I curse you.

Alright, its nap time.


  1. Ee July 30, 2009

    So sad meh today? Luckily no flasher for u..
    I fetch u lar 2moro.. ;)

  2. Peggy July 31, 2009

    Ee: yah right, i totally forgot about flasher, wtf.. :\

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