That Magnum Girl

Magnum girl, yes I am.
I’m working for Magnum, giving out flyers because they have a new way to play the game.
So basically, I’m there to encourage these people to gamble. Sin!!!! ):

* People called me Jackpot, now you know the reason why. :\

Supervisor said have to put on make up, but I stop doing that after the first day. Haha.
Really, no ones gonna see larh.. Those uncles and aunties only have numbers and money in their eyes, they don’t even bother bout how I look. Haha, only asking me how to play the game. :X

Some are okay, can get what I explain instantly.
Some, I explain for 4 damn times and yet they don’t understand but still wanna gamble.
Some force me to give the free vouchers, force you know. ): There’s this guy asked me:

Guy: The voucher finish already ah?
Me: Yeah, finish already.
Guy: So fast one? Aihh, finish already meh?
Me: Har? Yeah, finish already.
Guy: Really finish already mehh?
Me: -____- Really finish already.
Guy: You go in take for me larh.
Me: Finish alreadddddyyyyy.
Guy: Really really finish already?
Wahlao, what the hell man. Don’t understand what is finish already meh?? Wtfffff.
Some asked me stoning questions like, ‘Confirm kena one is it?’ …………. I looked at him, blank.
I really saw a lot of different people, some are really weirdos. Omg!

But some are really nice. (:
Asked me to wish them good luck, so cute.
And the best thing that ever happened is that I strike lottery!!!! This is super unbelievable.

Okay, there’s this one day I saw Rm2 on the table and obviously someone dropped it, so I just take larrh.
Don’t tell me you wont pick up money when you saw it. :\
Then I just use the money to buy numbers, for the first time of my life. Didn’t strike though.
Then I decided not to buy anymore, cause I don’t wanna lose money. Not even Rm2. >< Then while me and Alex were sms-ing on Tuesday, he asked me to buy numbers for him. So I lined up and thought, maybe I should buy one more time. Hahhaa. :X Then I looked around, trying to see what numbers to buy. A guy came in, with the number 57 on his shirt. Hmm.......57. I looked out, saw a bike there with the number plate 1175. Alright, 57..75.... I'll buy 1175 then. I bought 'pau' so no matter how the numbers are arranged, I'll still get money if it strike. After work, Ee Cheeng and me went back to my home. The first thing I do is on the computer, and checked if I won. I log in to the website and saw the numbers I bought. I stoned. I checked again to see if its for the same day, yes indeed!!! Then I looked at Ee, and asked did I strike lottery? She said YES! It was so unbelievable. First prize!!! The second time I bought numbers and I strike first prize. Shit!! :'D My luck is changing, my luck is changing! Hopefully........ mwahahhaha. I'm a happy kid waiting for November to come. (((:


  1. Ck October 2, 2009

    Cool leh!! Next time go be Toto Girl, if u strike the jackpot den nonid work liou…hehe
    And be positive and luck with always at ur side=)

  2. Kenneth October 2, 2009

    wow………i wish i also have that how many grand you have won ? time to change new pc

  3. Susan October 2, 2009

    Omg Congratulations!!!! Good amount? =P

  4. Peggy October 3, 2009

    Ck: Haha, I hope its as easy as that. :)

    Kenneth: Maybe you have, but you didn’t notice it. Haha.. Won Rm500 only, cant get new pc.

    Susan: Thank you!!! 500, oklar.. haha, I spent Rm2 and get Rm500.. :D

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