That Purple Vitagen

Recently, my mom keeps buying Vitagen for my little cousin and of course, for me and my brother as well.

One day I went to the fridge wanting to grab a bottle of cold Vitagen and I saw that purple Vitagen staring at me.
I stared back, and I feel like saying bye bye to that purple Vitagen and slam that fridge door.

But I tried saying Hello and force myself to give it a smile.
I stared longer before I decide to just grab it and go.
I sat on my couch, holding that purple Vitagen and stared at it for a little while more asking myself if I really want to drink it.
After much hesitation, I decide to give it a chance and go for it.


And so, it went straight into my stomach.

So you ask, whats up with me and purple Vitagen.
Nothing much, I just dislike that taste but I use to drink it everyday just because the one I like loves to drink purple Vitagen. Everything seems so vivid.
I don’t think I can forget about this for the rest of my life, haha.

Nine years back and I still remember clearly how I always run to the canteen just to buy purple Vitagen.
I feel so happy when I drink it, I’m naive that way. Say I’m cute. Haha.. :’D
Oh boy, I miss those days.
Those canteen moments are one of the greatest moment in my life. : )

Purple Vitagen equals to him.

P/S: Sigh, I’ve got nothing better to blog about. I’m sorry for being lame, lol.


  1. Eric_Almighty January 23, 2009

    Seeing the above picture of the purple VIntagen, it reminds me of Joker from Batman movie wearing the purple colour suit and red colour on the lips.



  2. GiNo January 23, 2009

    the expire date is 7th jan 2009.
    Did u drink it b4 7th jan?

  3. Susan January 23, 2009

    oh ohhhhhhhh…….. i didn’t know the canteen had vitagen hahaha.

  4. Susan January 23, 2009

    i like the white and green one =(.. purple’s okay too, but now i prefer yakult. bye bye vitagen. hehe.

  5. vvens January 23, 2009

    susan; ssg canteen always got one lor!!!!!

    peggy; AHAHAHAH I TOTALLY REMEMBER ABOUT YOUR VITAGEN OK! But anyways, i dont drink vitagen anymore. changed to Yakult! HAHA.

  6. Ting January 23, 2009

    Haha… Vitagen, remind me of my kids days too where by vitagen still an exotic item to me… Of course now it’s consider affordable to me and i also occasionally buy and drink it, but the memories behind is never the same…

  7. Peggy January 24, 2009

    Eric Almighty: Why Joker from Batman? hahaha, you are funny..

    Gino: Yah yah, I snap that picture long ago.

    Susan: How come you didn’t know? Our canteen memang got sell Vitagen one lah.. I like the orange one and I’ve never try Yakult.

    Vvens: Hahahaha, why lah you remember it? So malu, hahaha.. Those were the days..

    Ting: Vitagen is kids favourite drink. :D

  8. vvens January 24, 2009

    ekhem.. but the HIM is still the same him or what?! hahahaha. u made me feel kaypoh *_*

  9. Susan January 24, 2009

    Hohoho vvens also abandoned vitagen like me… eh i really dunno that canteen got vitagen lor ><” …. don’t really remember the drinks much but the food was damn nice =(

  10. Ting January 25, 2009

    Juat a little reminder… We were kids…

  11. Peggy January 25, 2009

    vvens: There’s only one him right? Haha.. Mr. PJ lah..

    Susan: Wah, the canteen’s food is superb lo. All also damn yummy one.. I miss those days.. : (

  12. vvens January 25, 2009

    HUH!!!! just cause you all left SSG after primary6. the food went sucky so badly later u know!!!!!!!!

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