The A(s) Concert

Gosh, I’m soooo sleepy again but I promise to update my blog so here I am, instead of sleeping on my bed.
Ouh, I try uploading the videos on Youtube but I don’t know what’s wrong. It just doesn’t seems to work.
Pictures will do for now. (:

Akon’s beach concert at Sunway two weekends ago, thanks Anna for the free VIP ticket. (:

* I got the tickets quite last minute but hey, its freeeeeeee! And VIP some more. :D

* While waiting for Anna’s friend to arrive.

* Thanks babe for the tix. (:

* Free flow Chivas for the VIPs, but I didn’t drink that night.

* That’s Mr.Akon looking really tiny because I’m quite far away. VIP but a bit more far compared to the normal ones but its good because we don’t have to cramp. With sofa also. (:

Akon’s concert was okay but the concert ends quite early. Only a few songs make us high but Mr.Akon seems very high himself. He throws himself to the crowd, omg. And then everyone starts getting high. I wish I can share the video here now. ):
But I’ll try to upload it again tomorrow.

And now to All American Rejects!!!! Free tix also but not from Anna this time, its from Era fm! Hee :*)
One thing I love about my roving job is that I get lotsa free stuff. We sometimes rove with My fm, Era fm, and Hitz fm and they really give out a lot of freebies. Me likey. :D

* While heading to Bukit Jalil for the concert. I look really awful, I rush from work. :\

* While waiting for AAR to come out. They are quite late actually, lucky I’m late too. It balances out, lol.

* I wonder if Mj feels boring that night, hah!

* The usual couple.

* Spot the lady behind me. :X

* Last picture before leaving the concert.

* And this is AAR. You see, I arrive late and there’s no way for me to squeeze myself to the front. Lucky I found myself a spot at the corner, though far but at least I can see clearly. (:

No point for me to take so much of their pictures also since I’m so far away. Off to shisha after that because someone is addicted. Obviously that’s not me.

* Sei ferret, always banyak smoke one. Pfft!

* Neh, the one who’s addicted to shiisha. Pro ler, shisha till got smoke come out from her head, lol.

Anymore concerts coming up?
*give me free tix. give me free tix .* wtf


  1. Ee November 4, 2009

    Who’s da one got addicted? Definitely is not gonna be me. Min Jer mayb? :P

  2. Peggy November 5, 2009

    ee: Aih, you know i know lar. don’t blame it on Mj lor, haha.. :P

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