The Hill Have Eyes 2

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I went to watch The Hill Have Eyes 2 yesterday and this movie is really a great one.
Everyone should go watch it, but if you are afraid of blood and have a weak heart or stuff like that, then I warn you better not to watch it.

I did not watch Part 1 and I don’t know how disgusting it is.
For the second part, it is really superbly disgusting. (and I like it.. )
I love to watch those disgusting horrible movie, not the ghost type, but the zombie type.
And this show is definitely the one for me.
Hands are chopped off, blood everywhere, brains, and watever inside your body.
The part which disturb me the most is where one of the girl name Missy get rape by one of the mutated hillbillies. They didn’t show the private part of course but that day freaking guy ‘bang’ her like no body business, and so damn freaking hard that it scare me to hell.
I keep on thinking about that scene after I finish watching.
I keep on imagining what if I were her, and it scare me like shit. I rather die.
Ok, I am not going to talk about it anymore, in case you wanna watch it.
Just go and watch it, very nice, very disgusting. :D


  1. moneybin May 5, 2007

    Watch it age ago…. If u watch the 1st part, u ll think tat 2nd part not tat good….

    Yeah, the opening very disgusting bout the mutant pull out the baby….

    Poor Missy, i think nobody can handle tat moment!!!!!

  2. Peggy May 5, 2007

    moneybin: Unfortunately, I didn’t get to watch the first part. I didn’t watch the mutant pulling out baby because I am a little late.

  3. Lol….like that must go watch lo…

    Since u all say so nice…

  4. moneybin May 6, 2007

    Nice???? Ok lah, i would prefer Saw 1, 2, 3…
    Peggy, Saw is the best movie for u to c blood =p

  5. Peggy May 6, 2007

    kukujiaoman: If you think it is not nice, don’t blame me. :P

    moneybin: I didn’t watch Saw. I heard it was pretty good, but I don’t have the chance yet.

  6. moneybin May 6, 2007

    Go and download lo Saw1,2,3
    The best bloody movie u should wac…
    Dun blame me if u feel wanna vomit cuz it’s very disgusting

  7. ericsoon May 7, 2007

    hehe make me remember a movie call hostel

  8. Peggy May 7, 2007

    moneybin: I’ll try to download or find a way to watch it since it is so disgusting. Haha..

    ericoon: Hostel?? What movie is that?

  9. ericsoon May 7, 2007

    is about going vacation at other country n got a people introduce them to a hostel that provide chicken but actually is a trap to lock them up n abuse them by cutting their body part …. quite disgusting …

  10. vanessa July 27, 2007

    i feel sick after wacth the movie becaue

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