The odds rates (OR) in addition to their 95% believe times was indeed estimated playing with unconditional logistic regression activities

The odds rates (OR) in addition to their 95% believe times was indeed estimated playing with unconditional logistic regression activities

Analytical analysis

Polytomous logistic regression was also used in the latest analyses where situation class is subdivided based on histological type of (ductal, lobular) and according to the estrogen and progesterone receptor reputation.

All analyses was basically modified to have years (5-12 months communities) and read town. I in addition to adjusted for the next breast cancer risk products: years on menarche (? 11, several, 13, fourteen, ? 15 years), parity (0, 1, 2, step three, ? 4), many years to start with complete-term maternity ( 52 months), dental contraceptive have fun with (ever/never), personal reputation of harmless breast situation (yes/no), genealogy and family history out-of cancer of the breast (yes/no) and the body mass list (BMI) ( dos ).


The new distribution of your own 739 circumstances and you will 816 controls because of the socio-market services and you can selected breast cancer risk issues are offered in the desk 1. Due to regularity-matching, distributions by data city and you may many years was comparable throughout the one or two organizations. Breast cancer chance enhanced in women with a reputation safe breast situation and children reputation of cancer of the breast inside the very first-knowledge members of the family. Increased exposure was also seen in women with young age within menarche, reasonable parity, later ages in the beginning complete-term maternity. Instances and control failed to disagree with regards to peak, body mass index, liquor otherwise smoking use, lifetime of nipple-feeding and many years at menopause.

Chances rates to own breast cancer because of the method of and you may duration of MHT use are given for the table 2 to possess earlier and you may current profiles ong current profiles, chances ratio is step one.19 (0.69-2.04) for estrogen-only and you may 1.33 (0.92-1.92) to own EP cures users. Chances proportion risen to 1.55 (step 1.02-2.36) inside the newest pages out of EP combinations treated getting cuatro or even more years. Current usage of tibolone was also regarding the raised chances ratios one didn’t arrive at analytical benefits, and that improved that have lifetime of play with (p development=0.07). Ladies who put MHT in the past weren’t in the increased threat of breast cancer compared to never ever profiles. Just newest MHT pages might possibly be believed when you look at the next analyses.

Desk step 3. Potential rates to own breast cancer certainly current pages of combined MHT from the type of treatment and time of fool around with.

Raised chance rates for EP cures that have artificial progestagen and tibolone have been seen getting Emergency room-confident as well as for Pr-confident cancers. Chances ratios was indeed somewhat reduced to have Emergency room and you can Advertising-negative cancer tumors otherwise failed to come to statistical relevance, but they are centered on quick number. Increased odds rates was in fact seen to the a couple of chief histological systems regarding breast cancer, that have possibility ratio of five.87 getting lobular carcinoma one of tibolone profiles (table 4).

Dining table cuatro. Opportunity ratios to possess cancer of the breast certainly most recent pages of menopausal hormones cures by the hormone receptor position and you can histology.

Table 5 suggests possibility percentages by time interval ranging from start of menopausal and you will very first accessibility hormone medication playing with never ever MHT users because standard. 73% from newest MHT users started treatment within the first year of start of menopausal, and had higher potential ratios than simply later MHT pages which defer procedures past 12 months. Chances proportion of early in place of later pages off EP treatment utilized as baseline was 2.96 [0.86-10.1] (perhaps not shown), and you will was not altered immediately following changes to own lifetime of dating for Korean adults fool around with.

Dining table 5. Odds percentages for breast cancer one of newest profiles regarding menopausal hormones treatment by-time period between start of the menopause and begin regarding MHT fool around with an effective .


Our findings suggest that the type of progestagen within the mutual EP therapies found in France could possibly get modify the danger of cancer of the breast, and therefore tibolone, a good molecule utilized instead of EP treatment, grows risk. Simultaneously, i learned that women that start MHT very early once onset of menopause have been at enhanced chance versus women that reduce therapy past no less than one year. We and discovered that EP combinations was basically alot more highly with the Emergency room confident than which have Er negative cancers.

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