The Only Pan Mee I Eat!

My title tells it all.
A short post about pan mee.
Basically, I don’t really like pan mee. Whatever food I order from kopitiam, it will never be pan mee.
First, it’s because my mom cooks it so its like I can eat it at home.
Second, I also don’t like to eat pan mee geh!!

But this ‘kon lo lat jiu pan mee’ (dry chili pan mee) caught my heart.
Like seriously this is the only pan mee I eat.
I tried Jojo pan mee, but still not as good as this ‘mei yi pan mee’.

* Madam Chiam Curry Noodle House or Mei Yi pan mee as we use to call it.

* Kon lo lat jiu pan mee plus egg. *slurp* :9

* After i add in the dried chili and mix it all together. I did not add in much chili though, a little too spicy for me.

I love this kon lo pan mee so much, I always crave for it.
I like the mee texture with the watery egg and a bit of lime.
Tasty, jeng jeng.

It’s located at Cheras, Taman Connaught.
I’m sure you know about Connaught’s oh-so-famous pasar malam.
There’s a turning to left where everyone turns to get into Taman Len Sen.
The shop is located at the left hand side. If you get to see KK Mart, you’ll see the only pan mee i eat.

I really find this better than Jojo. :X

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  1. Jessica April 25, 2011

    Hi, just so all foodies & animal lovers know, this restaurant has been inhumane towards a cat :

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