There is a BOMB!!

I went to college at almost 10 o’clock this morning, and this is what I saw…


My college is located at Taman Connaught, and this is the Esso just outside my college.
I saw quite a number of police car, and the whole petrol station is block.

Police car and forensic.
From what the police told us, he said that there is someone saying that there is a bomb at Esso petrol station.
Well, i guess there is someone playing a prank or don’t-know-what-thing, because there is no bomb. I am not very sure about the detail, because I’ve gone after a short while.
This might appear in the newspaper because I saw some reporters there.


God bless that this is a fake bomb, or else, I don’t have to go to college anymore.
Can you imagine that this is a real bomb, as there are two petrol stations there.
Whole Taman Connaught may be gone, or maybe half of it..

By- Reporter Peggy Chow..  :D Haha..


  1. tankiasu February 9, 2007

    Yea thank God is was just a prank. I go to that Esso station pretty often to buy my favourite Ayamas. *gulp*

  2. Peggy February 10, 2007

    From what my friend told me, he said that there is really a bomb..
    The bomb was inside the toilet for don’t know how many days.
    Lucky it did not bomb..

  3. firewire February 10, 2007

    this peggy really kehpoh…wakaka…so nice you dont have go for classes on that day

  4. Hackezkk February 10, 2007

    it actually bomb
    but juz can do small exloplosion

  5. adrian February 12, 2007

    are you sure u’re not the bomb? :D

    – ad

  6. Peggy February 16, 2007

    firewire: Haha, yup.. Human is always curious..

    Hackezkk: It did bomb?

    Adrian: Of course I am not the bomb..

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