Things I want from IKEA

I’m shifting to another room soon and I’m going to have the whole room all by myself. :’D
I’m so happy and a little afraid at the same time. For the whole 20 years, I do not have my room and do not want to have my own room. I never dare to sleep alone. I’m afraid of the dark and sleeping alone is a very creepy thing to me. I used to sleep with my brother when I’m still small and then changed room and sleep with my mom.
But then I’ve been hoping for a new room for the past few months. As I grow older and older, I realise I need a lot of privacy. So after the very stupid retarded cousin shift, I will get the room. :’D
And all the furniture in the room will be throw away because they all sudah tua.

I went to Ikea to search for the stuff I need for my new room. : )

MELDAL Daybed Frame RM350++ (I don’t remember the price)
I’m so so so gonna buy this. I like frame beds, I like bed like this. This is a little bit expensive but I don’t care, I want it. Oh, and I’m going to buy a bed canopy.
I loooveeeee bed canopy. : )

I’m not gonna buy a wardrobe because they are all very very expensive. I’m going to get this thing (I don’t know what its called), safe space and safe money. I can build this thing according to my liking which is a very good thing. Might consider getting two of these.

I’m also not going to get myself a drawer, I’m getting this. The drawer which I like is like Rm300+ which is so expensive. I know this is not very cheap either but this also can be change to my own liking. There is a shorter one which is cheaper.

I seriously need a full length mirror. My house do not have a full length mirror which sucks. I must buy this.

Oh, for your information, I love this kind of things. I love boards. I’ve bought two boards from Ikea before this but this one is different. This is a blackboard. Lol.. I love drawing on blackboard, and beside drawing on it, this blackboard has magnet behind of it which means I can stick magnets on it. And then there is two square holes there where I can put my stuff inside and also there is two small hangers below of it. So many in one is definitely worth it.

BILLY Bookcase Rm115
I need a bookcase to put all my magazines. I’ve got tons of magazines laying around in my house.
I don’t want a tall one because I’m short, wtf. And because I can put things on top of the shelf, so its better to get a short one. Short is good sometimes. :’D Not necessary to get a bookcase from Ikea, I can get it somewhere if I saw cheaper ones.

VIKA AMON table around RM100++
I don’t want the above colour, I want an all white table. So I’m getting the all white table.

Another thing that I must get from Ikea. I like this chair a lot. I like the colour. :’D

Ok, so these are all the things I wanna get from Ikea. There are some other stuff I wanna get from Ikea too but this are the main ones. My room will be in pink colour. Cant wait.. :’D


  1. vvens October 13, 2008

    haha isnt the pink chair RM59 ;p

  2. Peggy October 14, 2008

    Haha, the price drop to Rm40+.. Lucky I did not buy it first, haha..

  3. ele (LYN) November 5, 2008

    The lift inside the ikea u also wan to buy???

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