Think and Think

I finish my one and only paper today.
Mega relieve.
Lucky I did use some time to study or else I’ll be dead.
Its not as hard as I thought but I’m still not sure if I can pass it. My internal marks are quite low. :”(
There’s two international students sitting beside me exchanging answers while the exam is on.
Keep talking and talking, damn distracting.

The very ‘good’ me who cannot tahan anymore go and tell the lecturer when I hand in my paper. Not sure what happen to them later on. Hahaha..

There’s three things on my mind recently.
The first is daddy. Suddenly I miss him a lot. He appears in my mind a lot lately, not sure if the cause is me being moody. I wish I can dream of him at night and he will tell me things will turn out fine.

The second is the usual thing that bothers me. That someone is on my mind almost everyday.
I know what I’ve been thinking is impossible but I just cant stop thinking. By thinking, that is the only time where I can imagine the impossible.

Comes to the third, which is a happy one. :”)
I’m thinking how to furnish my new room. Not that I get the room now, but its only few months away.
By end of the year, I’ll have my own room. I’ve been thinking so so much on the new room. Damn excited loh..

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