This year, no wishlist.

So, the bff asked me why isn’t there a post on my birthday wishlist for this year.
“Because I don’t have a wishlist for this year,” I answered.

Every year I’ve got a wishlist.
And every year in my wishlist there are tons of items which I really wish for.
But not this year.

There is nothing that I really wish for except for an Iphone but that I am planning to get one in the near future when I have the ability to.
So there, no wishlist.

There is nothing that I want this year because right now I’m happy with everything I have.
Really, I couldn’t come out with a list this year.

All I want is just a really girly, mini birthday party by the garden and actually I’ve already got the venue.
I’m gonna borrow my friend’s place, a small garden with swimming pool.
Filling everywhere with balloons, having sandwiches and finger bites, macaroons and teas.
You see, it is really a very girly party but most of my close friends are guys, so I’m a bit worry now.
It sounds quite wrong to me having a girly birthday party with only guys around ):
Close girl friends are all so far away, UK, Hong Kong, Melbourne. ):
Damnit ):

Maybe the guys need to suffer for a couple of hours and bear with it. Haha!
Whatever it is, I want my garden party!! Pfft!

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