To the G . To the Force .

GForce at Pavilion last Saturday .

* Seriously I’m getting fatter and fatter, wtf. ):

* Movie’s at 12, so we went there early to chill out for awhile.

* The guys at next table.

* The guys opposite of me.

* My hot ginger + cola. I’ve been sick for a few days, everything I ate just seems so tasteless. ):

Still have time after our drink, me and Hon decided to go for pool.
mmm. It’s been quite awhile, I suck so bad now.

* This pool table damn cannot, so small. So not fun. I want to play pool at Fireball!!!! Anyone? Train me? :*D

Straight to the movie after our pool. GForce is really funny and the guinea pigs are uber cute. :*D
A must watch if you’re into cute animals. I keep laughing and smiling throughout the movie. :*D
There’s this female guinea pig named Juarez and she has a Facebook account in the movie. All of us are pretty stoned by the scene.
Ee went to Facebook and check out if Juarez really has got an account there and taddaa!

Juarez , Darwin , Blaster ‘s Facebook account. Omg, super cute. :*D

If only real guinea pigs can talk … *gasp*

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