Twins Pink Birthday Bash

Yay!! You see the word pink? :’D
Its the twins 21st birthday and the dress code is pink. Not all, but most of us dress in pink. (:

* Their 4kg cake lighted with very nice Happy Birthday candles on top.

* Yay, looking very pretty and happy. (:

* Happy Birthday to the both of you.

* Although our friendship is not long I must say….

* …but I find it very easy for me to click with both of you…

* …and you guys are so funny, always making me laugh. *hugs* Btw, some people say we look alike, got meh??

* UCSI Mass Comm girls.

* More mass comm girls except Wong Ee Cheeng, haha.

* Heh! With Esther and Apple. *aherm* LOL!

* UCSI-ans. Oh btw, ucsi sucks big time!

I promise to get you guys a present once I have the money kay? I’m like so broke right now, hur hur. ):
Hop over to MNEP after that for Ivan’s birthday. Yesh lar, birthday birthday birthday! @_@

* While heading to MNEP…

* The birthday boss, who keeps saying ‘ngo duk shu mm doh, lei mou lan 9 ngo!’.. go figure that sentence yourself, lol.

* Hur hur, stop saying I don’t have your heart cause I reach late and left early and all lor, at least I bought you cake mar, right right? And last year, I bought you cake too lor.. And and I came back for you lor.. Got heart one lor Mr.Ivan Teng!!

* Ah! The one beside me is a very good example of what we called as ‘bei’. Haha :’D

* The real boss Childson and me.

We didn’t stay at MNEP for long because we hop to another place again. :\
Initially, we wanted to join the twins and friends to party at Sunway, but then they said there’s police at Barcelona.
So I said okay, but there’s still other clubs there right……. tapi kawan twins tak nak layan aku!!
They went to KL Central’s club called Centro, I don’t know wtf is that. -______-
Nothing racist here, but I feel so bloody awkward to be there cause it seems like we’re the only chinse group there.
Eh, I feel so alienated lor please..

And then there’s these ladies dancing on top of the bar table, showing their thongs and p***y to these guys near them.
I went O_____________O”””’!!! Sorry, it really shocked me, wth.
Trust me, don’t ever ever ever go there. Shit club can be really shitty.

I hop back to MNEP after that because I promised Ivan boss and I was kinda shocked too because most of them looks so erm…… not sober for a reason I don’t wanna disclose. Hmm…..

What a busy night, going to places from places.
But anyway, Happy Belated Birthday to the three of you.
Lots of love… (:


  1. ivan July 31, 2009

    wei ar wei ar, my hair dam 7 ugly la. dun post my pic can? no face jor la =(

  2. Peggy July 31, 2009

    ivan: where got ugly.. childson also say you handsome man, lou sai.. hahaha..

  3. ivan July 31, 2009

    u c u c, lan 9 me again! he jus kidding la sien wei. i education low dun bullshit me pls

  4. Peggy August 1, 2009

    ivan: woah, where got lan 9 you.. -____-

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