Ugly Fugly Wedding Dress.

I’ve come across this funny website that have a lot of ugly dresses, including ugly wedding gowns.
I mean, really ugly ones.
Those brides must be having a very bad taste, I wonder if their husband are that ugly also.
Haha. :D
Alright, lets see.

-Six bow in a row wedding gown-

Are those pigeons? Ah, never mind.
-Pigeons all around wedding gown-

-Stylish shower curtain wedding gown-

-Super bling bling wedding gown-

-Giant sleeves & giant butt wedding gown-

-Swimming cap wedding gown-

-Clam shell wedding gown- or you can also call it -Satellite TV wedding gown-

-Wrapping paper wedding gown-

-North pole wedding gown-


There are some very ugly wedding shoes too.
Want to show you guys some of it, which are quite funny to me.

Bridal sneakers

Bridal flip flops

Will you ever wear that on your big wedding day?
OMG!! Who design those shoes for wedding? I think the designer must have gone crazy.

There are a lot more ugly dresses at Ugly dresses.
Go and have a look and have a good laugh.

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