when reality hits…

boo! holiday is over.
back to reality once AGAIN.

its been a week since i last blog.
lotsa activities this chinese new year.

went back to hometown on chor2.
came back on chor3 and almost right away i went to my friend’s place to bai nin.
chor4 we went to ken’s house, lou ‘smelly’ sang and gamble.
chor5 went to G6 for poh juan’s birthday.
chor6 went to cameron.
chor7 went to ipoh. then to phuture for thom’s farewell.
chor8 went to skybar.

see! wtf.
i’m listing it all here to explain why i did not update my blog.
and i know i look like an idiot now. lol

and today. i stay at home to do my assignment which is due tomorrow.
damn! i almost , nearly, hampir-hampir, zan dit dit forget about my assignment.
luckily it ain’t that tough, or else i’ll be so dead.

i really like this year’s chinese new year.
i enjoyed myself. with my family and friends.

pictures. not ready yet.
i’m lazy slash tired. wait till i’m real boring, then i’ll resize and edit the pictures.

one week of holiday almost turned me into the old peggychow.
*slap slap* back to ‘i’ve got 8 o’clock class tomorrow’ kind of life.

everyone dreads going to class and work after cny.


  1. Joshua Chay February 22, 2010

    I like your new hair!

  2. Peggy February 24, 2010

    josh: it actually looks like shit in real life. hah! damn dry!

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