‘why you never update your blog one?’

i’ve heard this line for a few times ,mostly from different people.
and then i feel guilty for not updating.

which is why i’m here crapping again. gah!
no pictures of my tattoo yet .
because my feet now is kinda swollen. few days ago it looks like a pig’s feet. or leg. or whatever.

can you imagine the pain?
it is so friggin pain until my feet is swollen .omfg! okay, more on that later when i post about it.

went to chic pop bazaar at ttdi plaza yesterday. super stuffy. i prefer zouk.
larger. more stalls. cooler. nicer. and with toilet for you to try the clothes.

there’s a lady, giving out survey and if you fill it up you’ll get freebies. *grins*
free manicure. free massage. and free astral predictions.
but sigh. there’s so many people. i didn’t get the free manicure and massage. ):
i bought some stuff for chinese new year again. ngehe :’D

anyway, the weather is real bad these days.
i’m having sore throat already. i hope it wont get worse. ):
please take good care of yourselves too.
drink more water. (:

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