Saturday noon, laying down on my bed typing away.
Half day at work today and later on lunch with Aaron before he flies back to Singapore.
Short but great catch up (:

Mom asked if I’d want to join her and my brother to Kuala Selangor but I gave that up, I’m way too tired.
I slept later than usual last night and woke up earlier than usual this morning which explains why.

Talking about sleeping, the boyf is always on auto pilot mode when he sleeps.
It’s like he functions automatically without he himself realising.
There’s once he grabs my hand and holds it in his sleep but he didn’t know it until I told him the next day.
And this morning, I was awaken due to the heat in the room and I asked him why is the air-cond off, he said he off it.
But I thought it was strange because as far as I know I did not see him getting out of the bed.
The truth is there’s no electricity in his room which is why the air-cond is off but he thought he went and off it.
I don’t know where and how he get the idea that he’s the one who actually off it when he didn’t.
Sometimes he called me during his sleep in the morning before I go to work but and later on once he’s fully awake, he forgotten what he talked to me on the phone.

This is my boyf when he sleeps. Half of the soul is never there.
And he’ll do what most of us will do when I wake him up.
“Two minutes. Five minutes. Three minutes.”
Such a sleepyhead.

Right now, I’m turning into one.
My eyes are shutting and I’m all set for my quiet afternoon nap since I’m home alone.
Done rambling.

/pulls blanket (:

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