What would you like to have after a good nice meal?
Cigarette? Please don’t, you know it is bad for health.
I have one thing for you, and most of the people will like it.
Children like it, adults like it, grandpas and grandmas also like it..
Tadaa… The famous one, which girls always crave for, dessert.

The first moment I saw all of this yummy dessert, I was like, ohmygod.
I want one of those, I want to eat it. It really looks super yummy.
Alright, lets start the dessert now,…

Yellow cake with chocolate icing ~ $1.50
Yellow cake with white icing ~ $1.50

White cake with chocolate icing ~ $1.50
Chocolate cake with white icing ~ $1.50

Chocolate pineapple upside down cake ~ $2.00

Pink cake with white icing ~ $1.50
White cake with pink icing ~ $1.50

Vanilla ice cream sandwich ~ $2.00

Strawberry ice cream sandwich ~ $2.00

Cheesecake with strawberries ~ $2.00
Chocolate cheesecake with strawberries ~ $2.00

Layers of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate–oh my! ~ $3.00

Layers of milk and white chocolate ~ $3.00

Enjoy a combination of 5 The Baker’s Bars which will arrive deliciously packed in candy box fashion! ~ $15.00

Enjoy one of each of edesse’s delicious dessert. That’s 19 SWEET desserts to add to your collection ~ $40.00

Are you feeling hungry and wanna eat those cakes and bars?
There are so yummylicious, right?
But there is one thing I wanna let you know, and you might get disappointed.
Better be prepare…..
Because those actually are………

Can you read the words? They are erasers!!!
It’s too bad, right? You cant order them and eat it even you have the money..
This person is so great, he/she can make such yummy looking erasers.
I don’t think I will use them even I have one.
Maybe I’ll give it a bite when I’m dreaming, because it looks so so much like the real ones..
Run to pasar malam and get one of those not so yummylicious mini tart, maybe it can satisfy you.

More yummylicious erasers here.


  1. vvens January 17, 2007

    that’s cute.
    no wonder it seems like some.. very weird cake when i was reading it.

    where can we get them? :)

  2. firewire January 17, 2007

    before i read the rest of the entry, i alreayd know it’s not the real thing..wakakka…you can’t fool me

  3. Peggy January 17, 2007

    vivien: you can buy it on line, but I think it is pretty expensive..
    you click on the link, then you can buy it there..

    firewire: But don’t you think it looks really yummy?

  4. firewire January 17, 2007

    i dont have a sweeth tooth but i can’t tell you do..hehe

  5. Hackezkk January 18, 2007

    eraser liddat
    got flavour or not?when im in tadika,alwayz eatz strawberry flvored eraser :P

  6. Peggy January 18, 2007

    Hackezkk: I don’t think they have flavour.. You eat flavoured eraser?? ohmygod..

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