: (

Boo : (
Sigh, I knew its gonna be like that. I knew it.
Movie day? So so only, especially when the movie has got nothing to rave about and I also didn’t get to go for my tarot reading. : (

Shopping day? Sucks even more. I thought I’m gonna be so happy because I get to be with my darlings the whole day but then it turns out sucky. I don’t know. Maybe I am over reacting over such a small matter but somehow when it means a lot to me, I never see it as a small matter in my eyes. I am really upset. I really am. : (

Sigh, did not capture any pictures as I do not have the mood to do so. So, no pictures for today. : (

Erm….. sigh… I’ve already told you how I feel about it, why am I so upset about it and if you still couldn’t get me and understand me, then just be it. I cant expect you to understand me totally. I’m wrong when I thought that you will understand me inside out. Its Ok if you don’t because if both cannot change, then the best way is to tolerate. You know I do care for you too, right? Every single time when you just walk out like that, it makes me so upset. Why things seems to be so complicated or is it just me?


I think I’m heading over to Poppy tonight. I’ve got extra 2 days off again. Its been 5 months since I last club, a little fun is just what I need right now. Since the last 2 days are like hell, I’m so gonna get the fun back tonight. Don’t wanna give a damn anymore, I just want to have some fun.
Not sure if there will be any last minute canceling, but erm.. anything will do. If not clubbing, then it will be sleeping. I’m exhausted. : (

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