Life is Short

Remember; life is short, break the rules, forgive and forget quickly, love truly, laugh happily, and never regret anything that made you smile. : )


I think my life is getting better and better each day.
I thought 2009 is gonna be sucky but somehow it seems like its doing quite good at the moment.
Maybe because Chinese New Year is around the corner, I don’t know.
The first 2 weeks is kinda sucky to me and I keep telling myself that the year hasn’t really ended yet because Chinese New Year is still not here, wtf.
I’m saying that just so that I will feel a little better, how pathetic.

Shoey asked me, do I know why the beginning of the year seems so sucky to me? I don’t know, I really don’t.
She said to me; how much of bitter I get, thats how much of sweetness in return.
Yes, how true is that. If one do not experience sadness, how do one experience the happiness?
I really don’t know what kind of obstacles will I have to face along the year but at this moment, everything seems good.

This new bunch of friends really widen my thinking. That few minutes chat in the car really opened up my mind.
I live my own life, why do I have to always be sad because of others?
Life is pretty short, I’ve got no time to be sad and keep whining about all those shits.
I no longer wanna make my life miserable because of people that is not worth it at all.
All I wanna do is live my life to the fullest without regrets and do things I should do.
Study hard, play hard. How great is that. :’D

After what has happened, I come to realise that I really cannot believe fully on what people tell me.
Those promises, those assurance, and all those words. This time for real, it really doesn’t matter anymore.
To you, it seems like it too right?
From what I saw, from what I heard, it seems like things are really this way.
I don’t wanna ask nor talk about it if you do not want to.
I already decide to put it down, so its up to you now.
It seems like its nothing to you. I’ll just say what I normally say, never mind. I’m done with it. : )
Me and you, not fated to be. Tak apalah..

Friends said, do not think so much and do what I feel like doing.
Pain is what keeps us alive. No pain, no gain.
I hope I have the guts to really do it. I’m afraid.
Yah, I’m talking about tattoo here. Hallelujah, lol.

Yo, I really cant believe myself sometimes. Cant believe that I put it down so easily, smiling as I type this post. Cant believe that I’m so much tougher compare to last year. Cant believe that I’m enjoying my life. Right now, nothing makes me sad anymore. I’ve put down the 2 things that make me unhappy. :’D

There’s quite a number of activities lately, and I’m sure there is more to come.
And I just realise I achieve two other new year resolution of mine, which is being a happier person and exercising, wtf.
At last I’m exercising after such a long time. Exercising as in playing badminton, haha.
My hand is freaking pain after the badminton session the other day. Its so so pain, as though its telling me that I didn’t play badminton for centuries. -.-
Not sure if I can keep up with my resolution for the whole year, but I hope I can.

I’m going to Unifest tonight for concerts. :’D
Oh, Unifest is some thingy held to celebrate UCSI from turning into University.
It no longer is a college university, it is a university.
I hope it will be fun. Might be going for badminton after the concert.

Tight schedule, tight schedule, wtf. :’D
Peggy is happy. : )
My post is so out of order. Its scattered everywhere.

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