A normal Halloween.

Just came to realise that lately pictures of me and my friends are decreasing.
The main reason to this is because my camera died and I do not plan to get one anytime soon.
No camera, no pictures.
I’m not too affected by this since I’m always out with the boyf and if I’m really in the mood, I can take pictures with his Iphone which is something I always do. (:
But of course there are times when I miss taking pictures with my camera.
Use to snap pictures like crazy whenever I’m out with friends.

So to feed my blog, here’s a few taken last Saturday during Halloween at Zouk.
I did not dress myself up in costumes or more like we did not.
But if I have the chance next year, probably I will.
I had fun seeing people dress up, their outlook entertained me. :D

* Taken with boyf’s Iphone. Zoe and me (:

Remaining pictures are from Zoe’s camera.

* Zoe holding the little mask that Zouk gives us.

* Both the guys looking cute :D

* Absolutely no idea what Ben and me trying to do.

* Great buddies, having such ugly expression HAHA.

There goes October and here comes November, one of my favourite month. :D
And I know, this year’s November is gonna be different.
I cannot wait for the weekend to come because it’s gonna be a long weekend. (:
Excited !!

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