A year filled with love.

This relationship is one of the best thing that has ever happened in my life, by far.
Best not in the sense that I have a boyfriend to depend on but it is from this relationship that I know there is actually someone out there who is willing to love me this much. It just gives me hope in life after taking in that much of crap from everything else.

I remember how a year ago, I was trapped in a dilemma.
I remember how people around me try to break us down at the beginning of the relationship but I also remember these few friends who were there for me all along.

However great the hardship, I never ever regret my decision a year ago.
And I dare say it is one of the best decision I’ve ever made, when some warned me not to because I see no wrong in the entire situation.
I feel bad and sorry but still, I see no wrong for all I did was to pick it up.
All the stares and bad talking, all the boycotts and whatnot, it is all worth it.
Some think it’s pure lust. Some think we’re just fooling around.
We both prove them wrong.

Here we are, still standing strong hand in hand after a year.
I cant tell what future lies ahead for us but I want to grow and learn about life together.
All I want is to treasure every moment with this person who brightens up my day, who never fail to put a smile on my face, who never fail to make me laugh everyday.

I am a person with absolute no patience, I get annoyed easily, I threw tantrum, I shout, I cried and I blame him for almost anything.
For all that, he still tries hard to tolerate and be patience with me whenever he can and from the bottom of my heart I truly appreciate it.
And for that, I control my temper whenever I can because I really do not want to be mad over the tiniest thing at the person who love me this much.
We both try to change for each other, not changing the personality but we try to eliminate all the negativity in us, trying to be a better person together.

That one thing that attracted me : his sense of humour.

Happy anniversary to the guy who ♥ me the most (:

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