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With my love, before I die.

It’s Chap Goh Meh today for Chinese which means it is the last day of our Chinese New Year, also considered as Chinese Valentines Day whereby ladies will throw mandarin oranges into lake, pond, or rivers and guys will pick it up. The belief is that the guy who picked up the ladies’ oranges will be their future match.

Also, in a week time Valentines Day will arrive filling the air with love.
As we always said it, everyday is or can be Valentines Day for those in love.
Exactly! Valentines Day can sometimes be a little too commercial and to me at times I see it as a reason or excuse to have a romantic dinner or a romantic getaway.
Yes, I am a typical girl who cant say no to anything romantic.

Since this and next week will be fill with love for most people, I decided to add a little love into my blog as well.
I’d like to turn these pictures into a real scene one day with my love before I die.

Sometimes I wonder, what love can do to people.
Happy Valentines Day in advance, go get some love! (:

Anniversary Lunch at iL Lido

When it comes to food, the boyf tends to act like a ‘eating-professor’ (hence his size HAHA).
Special dates like birthday, christmas, and anniversary is truly a good excuse for us to dine a little better than normal days.
We don’t normally pick our restaurants randomly when it comes to dates worth celebrating.
There’s too many restaurants laying around in KL and I would prefer not bumming into a few bad ones.
We will do some research here and there, have a little discussion before we’re good to go.

Most of the time in the middle of our research, we’ll go ‘OH WOW! this looks damn good’ and ‘WAH SEE! Look at that beef!’.
Food blog is the root of all fats, in our case.
We just really cant say no to food. No food good food no life.

So this time for our anniversary, we decided to go for lunch instead of dinner for a change.
We picked Il Lido, located at Jalan Mayang which served classic Italian cuisine.
We made a reservation but this action is not needed because it almost seems like we booked the entire restaurant.
Empty during lunch.

* He’s the one who decided to have our lunch at Il Lido.

* I was a tad bit reluctant at first because I heard it’s pretty pricey until the boyf told me they do have lunch set menu.

* Il Lido – “The ultra-luxe interior, combined with the warm, inviting atmosphere, allows diners to ease easily into the experience.”

* Complimentary bread which I personally did not very fancy. Reason being that the taste of garlic in the bread is a tad bit on the heavy side. The taste of garlic lingers too long in my mouth and somehow affect the taste of my starter. There’s a mini fight inside my mouth when I took a bite of my starter.

* Amuse Bouche – which stands for ‘mouth amuser’ if were to direct translate from French. It is a little bite of food to amuse the mouth and different form appetizer, you wont be able to order it from menu. Instead it is selected by the chef accordingly. And the above is Tuna Carpaccio.

* Beef Carpaccio with Rucola, Parmigiano Cheese and Truffle – Rm39. Other than scallops and foie gras, the boyf likes carpaccio too and this is pretty good I must say. Wrapped the beef, rucola, cheese and truffle, stuffed it into our mouth and savour it.

I ordered Festive Season Lunch Menu that costs Rm88.
There’s two starters and three main dish for me to choose from.

* I choose Pan Roasted Scallops with Cannelini Beans, Carrot Jus and Bottarga as my starter knowing that the love likes scallop so much. There’s really nothing much for me to rave about this dish, sadly.

* And Pan Roasted Atlantic Cod with Smoked Caviar Sauce and Whipped Potato as my main course, also knowing that the love likes caviar. Did not like this either, especially the whipped potato because they whipped it with some almond and I HATE ALMOND A LOT BECAUSE IT SMELLS LIKE COCKROACH!

Boyf likes all sorts of expensive food! And I like all sorts of nasty food like cockles and pork intestine LOL.

* My dessert, Chestnut and Amaretto Parfait with Warm White Chocolate which I really dislike because I hate nuts and chocolate. What a combination!

I guess I just really dislike my set, haha. But it’s just preference and somehow the ingredients they used are foods that I dislike eating. ):

The boyf went for Degustation Menu instead, which costs Rm198.
He cant resist degustation menu, that’s for sure.

* Crab Salad with Watermelon and Tomato Elisir. This is a cold dish, it’s fresh and it tasted damn good, one of my favourite of the day.

* Pan Fried Goose Liver with Duck Terrine and Wild Berries Sauce. This is also my favourite. Their pan fried goose liver is one of the best goose liver I’ve tried by far. Slightly crispy on the outside and it melts in your mouth after the first bite. So flavorful!

* Homemade Spaghetti with Lobster and Spicy Tomato Sauce. Don’t find this interesting except that the spaghetti they use had a really different texture and I quite like it.

* Prime Beef Tenderloin with Gorgonzola Cheese Sauce and Truffle Potatoes. Boyf said hope it’s as good as Nathalie’s and when he took a bite he said IT IS really as good as Nathalie’s and when I took a bite I said no. Not as tender, I swear but I quite like the potato though.

* Molten Lava Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream. I ate the ice cream while he ate the chocolate cake. In fact he dislike chocolate just like I do but he said it’s really good. Still I’m not interested to give it a try.

I figured that I prefer French cuisine more than Italian cuisine when it comes to fine dine.
I don’t know how to explain this but I just find french cuisine more ‘in-depth’ when it comes to taste or maybe it’s the restaurant I don’t know.
I’d still prefer Nathalie Gourmet anytime and also not to forget Bistro à Table.

But still I did enjoy my lunch a lot, especially with him by my side. (:
Our bill came up to about Rm400.

ilLido Italian Dining + Lounge Bar
183 Jalan Mayang (off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng)
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Phone: +603 2161 2291

From Me to You.

Hello there, this is the infamous fatty.
I’m gonna steal the limelight for awhile so bear with me.

Dear Peggy,

Happy Belated Anniversary! If someone had told me that you and i are perfect for each other, I would not have believed them at first. But, they would have been right. Because I really think so. I know it sounds cliche, but “you-are-the-one” is reaffrimed with every passing day.And every day with you has been a blessing. I am rendered speechless and astonished when I thought of how we got together because you seemed a little too good for me and I am glad I did whatever it was to allow me to be with you.

I know I enjoy being together with you. My day just flies in seconds when i am with you. Thank you for being such a great girlfriend, and for being the support and my problem solvers.I know I can be difficult at times because I spend so much time in my own head, but whenever I decided to come out of that dreamworld, I always find you waiting for me and that means more than you can imagine. I truly appreciate you for the faith you have in me. We have so much together..our share of good and hard times, from the Melbourne days to the darkest days of my life, I would not have made it if it wasn’t for you. Just knowing you’re there for me makes everything all right. (:

You’re my best friend

You’re my problem as well as problem solver ( hahahah )

You’re what “home” feels like ( meal served, house kept, clothes washed etc LOLL )

You’re my source of laughter and humour ( ciao-dogs? )
You’re my singing partner, my pool kaki, and I can always be myself whenever I’m with you

You’re attentive when you listen, I mean really listen, to me all the time. ( when im down and when im being bossy haha )

You’re the best Ive ever had

I may not say i love you everyday as some may do. I may not have bought you beautiful gifts on occasions that matter. I may not have been understanding when you are feeling down. I know i would have failed if you judge me on these things alone. But if you could look through my heart, you would know the depth of my love for you. I hope we will be there for each other all the time and that we spend many more annivesaries together in our lifetime.

With all my love,

A year filled with love.

This relationship is one of the best thing that has ever happened in my life, by far.
Best not in the sense that I have a boyfriend to depend on but it is from this relationship that I know there is actually someone out there who is willing to love me this much. It just gives me hope in life after taking in that much of crap from everything else.

I remember how a year ago, I was trapped in a dilemma.
I remember how people around me try to break us down at the beginning of the relationship but I also remember these few friends who were there for me all along.

However great the hardship, I never ever regret my decision a year ago.
And I dare say it is one of the best decision I’ve ever made, when some warned me not to because I see no wrong in the entire situation.
I feel bad and sorry but still, I see no wrong for all I did was to pick it up.
All the stares and bad talking, all the boycotts and whatnot, it is all worth it.
Some think it’s pure lust. Some think we’re just fooling around.
We both prove them wrong.

Here we are, still standing strong hand in hand after a year.
I cant tell what future lies ahead for us but I want to grow and learn about life together.
All I want is to treasure every moment with this person who brightens up my day, who never fail to put a smile on my face, who never fail to make me laugh everyday.

I am a person with absolute no patience, I get annoyed easily, I threw tantrum, I shout, I cried and I blame him for almost anything.
For all that, he still tries hard to tolerate and be patience with me whenever he can and from the bottom of my heart I truly appreciate it.
And for that, I control my temper whenever I can because I really do not want to be mad over the tiniest thing at the person who love me this much.
We both try to change for each other, not changing the personality but we try to eliminate all the negativity in us, trying to be a better person together.

That one thing that attracted me : his sense of humour.

Happy anniversary to the guy who ♥ me the most (:

‘It feels like nine years to me’, he said.

Was so mad at him for some reason, I almost wanted to twist his head off and stomp on it.
But of course, the anger in me subside rather quickly, as usual.
I may get mad over the tiniest thing but I can also be happy over the tiniest thing.
Work both ways.

I think as long as he let me pinch his manly boobs, /poof my anger will be gone. Haha.
Or that he can sing his so called self compose song but now I have a better idea.
I can possibly laugh the whole day if he dance the dance in Sexy and I know it by LMFAO.
That is like the most hilarious dance ever, wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah.
Hilarious and obscene at the same time.

This above, is the guy who makes me mad all the time but also the guy who makes me laugh all the time.
Makes me hate him and love him at the same time.
Not only my fat boyfriend, but my bestfriend, my buddy and my brother (cause half of the time I act like a guy, FHL LOL!), and of course my ON kaki.

He has the ability to give me that stupid kesian look and most of the time I cant bring myself to be entirely mad at him.
He can randomly made up some stupid self compose song which sounds funny and he sings it like a Bruno Mars.
He can do the most hilarious dance shaking his stupid fat body and make me laugh like mad.
He’s the one where I can joke with the whole day.
He send the sweetest messages and he whispers sweet nothings.
He’s the one who brighten up my day after he pulled a storm over.

He’s my bestfriend but he’s also a bitch. BIATCH!

Cant wait to do all these activities when we have the time and chance (:
* Fishing and prawning. Haven’t try that in my entire life.
* Ice skating. This too, haven’t try it before in my life.
* Water themepark!!! I want to go to that Wonderland in Malacca!!
* Roller skating.
* Laser tag.
* Kite flying. Yes I wanna do it again.
* Catching crabs by the sea ((:
* Going for a play
* Visiting an art gallery
* Just wanna really explore the world together, anywhere in the world.

Happy 9 months bitch.
You’re the worst, yet the best (:

3 months from now. I’d love to return to the place where it all started and enjoy the same sun where we once enjoyed.

Just Us

PFFT!! I wonder how long it’ll take for the internet to be here.
I want wifi so that I can whatsapp and everything else. I cant even watch youtube videos now, torturing. ):
Anyway, here’s some lousy picture updates.

The broadband isn’t working when it’s plug into my laptop resulting in me losing my patience and the mood to blog.
Just a few pictures of us and nothing else.

* a fun mirror right outside a pancake shop, pancake parlour.

* short and chubby.

* this is…

* just us…

* doing what we…

* use to do…

* back in malaysia.

abusing his iphone app,bwahha.

it’s mid april already!! time is passing real fast this month.
it’s hitting me again, i know there’s still such along way to go before i go back but it feels the opposite for me.
sometimes i feel like i’m starting to lose myself again when there’s disagreement.
i’m not quite the person i am 3 months back.
might be just a phase.

gahh, i don’t even know what i’m saying here.
i’m gonna go make teh tarik now.