Dinner with brother

Short Note: Why are you acting so weird tonight? Not only you couldn’t catch me, now I couldn’t catch you either. Whats wrong?

Went out and have dinner with my brother at Secret Recipe just now. A very enjoying and satisfying meal.

* I took out my camera and say take picture. Then I say again, again, again, again, and again. And at last he didn’t want to bother me anymore. Haha, damn tak layan.

Dig in…

* Oreo Milkshake. Yummy..

* Tapioca chips. We did not order this but the waitress give it to us. I wanted to tell her no thanks because I thought we will be charge for that, but its free. :’D

* Durian Durian, super nice. I love dessert make from Durian. Taste good and smells good too.

* Grill Mushroom Chicken with rice. I’m a ‘rice bin’, I need to eat rice everyday or else I wont be happy. Haha..

* My brother’s Chicken Cordon Bleu.

Super duper full after finishing our foods. Both of us ate around 50 bucks. Ouch, expensive. My brother wanted to catch a movie but there isn’t any suitable ones. I’ve already watched 3 movies in a week, don’t feel like watching anymore for the moment. After that we went to Popular and they are having sales now. I bought some really interesting books. I love to read. : )


Half of me is really girly and another half of me is really boy-ly not girly.

Ok, just to name a few of the girly part..
* I super like pink colour.
* I like a lot of cute stuff, girly girly kind of stuff.
* I don’t like to watch action pack movie, I prefer chick flicks.
* I hate jungle trekking and camping. I super dislike all the mud and insects.
* I look at the mirror really often and I like to look pretty. :’D
* I shop, shop, and shop.
* I sew, nuff said.

The not so girly part.
* I don’t eat chocolate. Er, yah, I’m not really very into chocolate. I will never choose chocolate cake or chocolate ice cream for myself.
* I watch footballs. Basically I only those match that have Man Utd. (Didn’t get to watch Teves becoming God the other day.)
* I eat a lot, and I also eat a lot of weird stuff. I’ve tried eating a bowl of Beef Noodles and then follow up by another plate of Chicken Rice. I finish all that by myself. I was shocked and pretty impressive when I finish the last bite. And I eat frogs, fox, bats, and erm… couldn’t remember much now. My friends always say that I eat guy foods. Eekz..
* I am very into those criminal stories. I like to read or watch real criminal cases, very very interesting. How they kill, why they kill, and so on. I also like histories and mummies. Super interesting. I just like real life stories.
* I play zombie kind of computer games. Resident Evil, best. I really really like to play Resident Evil. I don’t know why, I just like zombie games.
* I also like gross movies. Hahaha.. I know I’m a little weird but I just like it. Those like Hill Have Eyes, Hostel, and especially Saw. Saw is definitely a movie not to be miss. I’ve just finish Saw 4 and I’m gonna watch Saw 5 very very soon. Jeng jeng jeng. I love gross movie.

Cant think of it anymore. I think I’m weird.


  1. Akmed December 7, 2008

    Thanks for this. http://peggychow.com/ is now in my feed reader, I’ll keep and eye out for your next story. I like the layout of your site, nice and clean and easy to read. Thakns.

  2. meow December 9, 2008

    lol 2 thumbs up to the not so girly part of you :D

  3. Peggy December 9, 2008

    meow: Thumbs up? lol.. I think I’m weird la.. Or is it other girls are like this also.. haha

  4. meow December 10, 2008

    weird? i’ll rather say its an advantage hehe…
    its rare for a girl to watch a football match, eats alot, plays horror games and watch gross movie such as Saw…that is so sexy XD

  5. Peggy December 10, 2008

    meow: what? sexy?? watching gross movie is sexy? hahaha..

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