dirty bit

berclubbing again! it’s always like that.
partying non-stop during the end of the year.
thrice a month, it’s fine. bwaha!

* bff’s bf. gah! i miss my long hair Y_Y *sob*

* pretty ariel. her legs are so longggg, i prolly look like a midget beside her. hmm, maybe i look like a midget standing next to anyone wtf.

* jovin mclovin, me and ben.

* TADA!! bryan chong is back!! (:

he lied and said he’ll be back on sunday!! and when we’re about to enter he stood next to me i was so shock.
gosh! a good surprise indeed :D

* me gettin tipsy. red eyes, boohoohoo.

* sorry-i-forgot-his-name, me, kah kit, and happy bryan.

* this. is. gay! why is bryan touching pj’s chin? :???: gosh!

* me, bryan, yi kye and victor (twins wannabe).

* the-best-taurus (‘drunk’) as he claims to be. can tell he’s kinda off from this picture, bwaha.

* dancefloor :cool:

sigh. i miss berclubbing with my bff. no one to get excited with when the deejay played miami bitch wtf.
luckily i still have a bunch of kakis or else! my life will end just like that D:
yes i am a sei clubber and i enjoy every bit of it as long as i have my bunch of awesome pawsome friends.

and i cant wait for tomorrow to come.
i’ve got the tickets on hand, i’m going to Heineken Thirst!!!!! boy, i’m so excited.
godskitchen! chuckie! joey g! *slurrrrrrppp*

go grab your tickets if you haven’t already.
it’s gonna be a blast!!


  1. sharon December 5, 2010

    peggy! wat camera u used? polaroid? the color is so nice :)

  2. Peggy December 6, 2010

    sharon: hey, i’m just using my sony T70 and i edited the pictures, hence the colours. hehe. i wish to have a polaroid, soon soon :D

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