Don’t you just ♥ school?

Warning: Long post ahead. :X

I took public transport today.
I was in the bus and all of a sudden all memories came flashing back.

During secondary days, we bunch of friends will take the bus down to Sungai Wang and loiter around or to Leisure Mall to catch a movie after school.
I often lied to my mom and told her I need to stay back for some co-curriculum or shits like that.

I really miss school days a lot. I’ve been to four different schools, including my kindergarten. (:
My kindergarten is just near my house and it shifted to some other place few years back. I always pass by it and will smile every time. I feel kind of sad when I know it will no longer be there.
I still remember all the tables and chairs, they are all so small. And I love my English teacher the most cause she really sayang me a lot. I always get to sit on her lap when she marks our book.
And I also remember during break time, all of us will line up and get our food. Red bean soup plus biscuit.
Very cute. :*D

The there’s Sri Murni. I like the uniform the most. We girls wear a blue pinafore inside and a red blouse outside. So when you take out the red blouse, our uniform go sleeveless. So cute.
Me and my friends will always walk up and down the stairs, putting on the blouse and the removing it like what models do when they catwalk. We have our own mini catwalk. Haha.. :*D
Our canteen, I super love the maggie mee but we have to like pour the hot water into our bowl itself and you know my size. I always need help. Oh, I remember the uncle who sells beverages there, I always ask for more ice. Sometimes I go dig the ice myself. :*D
Running under the chalets chasing around, going to the basketball area behind the chalets, and playing barbie dolls and what not during co-curriculum. The best time is when our teacher said, ‘Okay, bring out the tikar from the locker and play your toys quietly’. Best ever. (:
And oh, our school have this chameleon and it scare the shit out of me. @_@

Then there’s Sri Garden. They don’t have chameleon there but they do have bees. Bees scare the shit out of me too. @_@
I’m very proud of my school back then, cause got air-con one, wtf. Normal schools no air-con. @_@ HAHA!
What I love best is the hopscotch. We love to play the hopscotch. And I super like to use rubber band to throw cause its the easiest, wtf. During break time, some have to run down and ‘book’ the hopscotch, and some have to go to canteen to buy food. I always eat chicken wing. Rm1.20. Then my friend Cindy always eat drumstick, Rm1.50. Now a piece of chicken cost RM2.50 and above, so the expensive. ):
I love canteen’s food. Rm1 spicy lala, Rm2.50 chicken rice, wantan mee, porridge, pizza, jelly longan……..
You know, back then the chicken rice to me is very expensive. Sometimes I just buy the yellow rice, it’s only 50cents. Then I’ll pour some soysauce on it and just eat. Very nice actually. Hee :*D

We have this chinese subject where our chinese teacher will paste a manila card on the wall with all our names on it. Those who did well in class will get stickers and I always have 3 or 4 stickers only. My chinese damn teruk can. ): Ah, and during standard 6 we have this stay back thing every Friday for our UPSR, before the lesson start we will have a rather long break. We will always play some silly games in the class, like there’s this one I remember. We will join two tables together, put a long ruler in between and play pingpong just like the TVB Super Trio (Jiong Mun Yan). We’ll play all sorts of funny funny stuff.

Oh, Bam Villa. We’ll also walk over to Bam Villa and buy snacks. Then sometimes go to basketball court to see guys play basketball. hah!
By the way, Sri Garden have the best toilet ever. @_@

Finally my beloved SMK Cheras. ngehehe (:
Best tembok times. How we use to sit behind our class at the tembok and chat nonstop. How we always loiter around at another class instead of our own. How we always say ‘yerrr… lou si lei jor'(yerrr.. teacher’s here) and rush back into the class.
I study in Science2 during Form4 and 5. Me and Ee Cheeng are the naughtiest girls in the class, haha. Both of us like to loiter around so much. We have this Jadual Bertugas and guess what is our job.
Not sweeping the floor or arranging tables. Our job is to empty the rubbish bin, which is actually a guy’s job.
The bin is so dirty but I like to empty it because I get to go out of the class and walk around the school, wtf.

During assembly time, there’s always random spot check and I’ll go ‘SHIT!’, because I’ve got this little pig hanging on my bag. I’m not allow to do so. @_@
But lucky lots of my friends are prefect, including my then boyfriend. All I have to do is just pass everything that is ‘illegal’ to them and voila! :*D

Everytime in the class, I will look at the watch non-stop or Ee will keep asking me about the time. When I get too bored in the class, I’ll start to think what should I eat during lunch. @_@
That’s how bad my concentration skill is. Then I’ll ask Ee, ‘Eh, what should I eat? nasi lemak? french fries? fried rice? i all also feel like eating wor…’. zzzzz, that’s me. lol.
After our lunch there will be junior prefects who will shoo us back to class BUT so many of our friends are senior prefects including boyfriends, so they just leave us alone. Best. :*D
Then when we’re late for our maths class, our teacher will ask ‘you both are prefect ah now? lunch until what time? why come back same time as those prefect har?’ and all we answer is ‘har? er.. hehehehe.’ -_______-
LOL! We even follow the boys, buy icecream and eat it in the class. Damn rebellious.
Then we’ve got this male Physic teacher who will always talk dirty stuff with the guys. All the guys will surround him and will laugh like mad. Everytime I ask what’s that, no one answer me. Wtf lar.

Boyfriend coming into our class, we going to boyfriend’s class, walking around school together really is one of the best time. I just love every moment in that school. Guys and girls talking together in the class. How other teacher was shocked when they pass by Science2 cause our class is so quiet, everyone doing work when there’s no teacher in our class.
And and the songs we sang together on the stage, where I tremble like hell.
How we practice our dance and have fun at the same time for teacher’s day. Omg, endless……….
I just can’t get enough. If only all of us can go back to school for a week, I’ll be really happy enough. (:

Quite impossible I know. No, not quite. It’s totally impossible, wtf.
But fret not Cheras Clanners, we’re going back to ‘school’ soon. :*D
Don’t you just love school. Worry free. You just go to school to have fun.
Homework? What? No one care, lol.

You will only understand how this sentence work after you finish highschool.
‘Enjoy your school time now because school time is always the best.’
Most of us will go like, ‘What? School time best? Are you kidding me? I hate school.’
And now I feel like telling those kids, really.. enjoy your school time.

School is the BEST!! (:


  1. vvens September 19, 2009

    please dont remind me what happened on the FRIDAYS stay overs on school. thank you! hahahaha

  2. kelvin September 20, 2009

    You’re right ! The best time of my life are my school days too. SMK Cheras was my alma mater, I was a year ’75 to ’76 student there.

  3. Peggy September 20, 2009

    vvens: hahahaha, why why? friday stay over is the besssst! all the silly games in the class, mwahaha :D

    kelvin: 75′ studennt? oh wow!

  4. kelvin September 20, 2009

    Yes! Peggy, those will the good old days and I still keep in touch with some of my classmates or friends whenever I’m back for a holiday. I reside and work in Germany now. I really miss my school days !!!

  5. Cindy September 21, 2009

    FRIDAYS are crying days! its either u or sam cry or both of u cry. haha! and ur memory is awesome :p

  6. Slowie September 21, 2009

    You have a great memory @_@ … but omg, i loved the SSG days… i played hopscotch too! And somehow I remember you playing GETAH all the time! … Remember how we were both friends with Su Yen in grade 5? Then you left me a letter on my table saying that SY is your friend or something like that. Hahahah aiyooo, cute la! Miss those days.. playing hopscotch and catching grasshoppers or tadpoles with the boys after school.

  7. Peggy September 21, 2009

    Cindy: Yah, I always cry at school. omg, haha.. and I remember that time was britney spear’s season and we always sing her songs especially during break. the song ‘Lucky’ remember? omg, i miss those days.

    slowie: YEAH!! I love playing the getah, damn nice to play larh.. haha.. bout the letter, i totally forget about it. omg, did i really do such thing? so it’s like ‘don’t snatch my friend’ kinda thing? haha.. and oh yah, the tadpoles.. at longkangs.. argh, i miss SSG!!!

  8. vvens September 22, 2009

    yer. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. oops i did it again!!!!
    and sometimes…… eww. hello! the stephanie’s did cried too! HAHAHAHA.

    omg. why-you-snatch-my-friend stuff is so childish now!!!! :( hahaha.

    and you told someone my secret also! HAHAHA.

  9. Peggy September 23, 2009

    vvens: why ewwww??? ahhaaa . really i told your secret to someone? which secret and to whom? omg, i totally forget about it. but i do remember the yikye thingy.. and joshua thingy.. ahhhaa :p

  10. vvens September 25, 2009

    hahahhaha omg. it was the ian thingy and the pj thingy okie :'(

  11. Peggy September 25, 2009

    vvens: @@ omg, i cant remember wei.. i only remember the yikye and joshua one.. ahahhaa… well, i’m sorry. :X

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