Feeling Lonely

It seems as though there is so much on my mind that I wish to say but words just couldn’t come out. As time passes each day, I feel lonelier and lonelier. I’ve been going out so much till late at night, sometimes till 3am, and even till 5am just to avoid being alone at home. I just dislike that feeling so much.
Every night when I reach home I go online, sitting in front of the computer, staring at the screen, feeling so lonely, and then I start to emo. Can I not have this kind of feeling cause it sucks so bad. All I can do is hang around till I’m dead tired and go back home and sleep straight away.

I am waiting for someone to come to my life, but I don’t know who he is. Please come faster because I really couldn’t stand the feeling of lonely any longer. I’m dependent or whatever shit but then this is me.


  1. chan April 26, 2008

    heyy….be patient be patient!! the best is yet to come…surely worth the wait : )
    good luck and take care…

  2. Peggy April 27, 2008

    Thanks a lot ya.. You too, good luck and take care.. : )

  3. Somebody April 28, 2008

    you are not alone. there are lot of people are with you.
    good luck and take care.

  4. Fate May 8, 2008

    there are still a lots of guys out there waiting for u to choose them……..do not be hasty and make a wrong decision……. being dependent is not a fault in fact, girls have every rights to be dependent to their guy……and it’s guy responsibility to let their girl depend on them and make them feel safe and secure……

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