Today is 20th of December, my friend’s birthday.
She use to be my good friend. We use to study in the same class for 3 years.
She sit next to me every year. We will talk about everything, from teachers, to boys, to celebrity, to anything we could talk about.
But things started to change when I’m in Form 4. We are not in the same class anymore. And here ends our friendship. I’m lazy to talk about the detail..
Well, I hope she can do well in her studies and be a successful young lady.

I know that friends come and go.
Since primary school till now, I never have a true friend that will stay by my side, and not leave me for other friends. I mean, yah, it is normal to have other friends, but it is sad to see your best friend forget all about you and leave you alone.
I have a best bestfriend when I was in primary six. I just love her, but too bad, I have to shift school. Environment and surroundings keep changing, people we met are not the same anymore and it is just so hard for us to remain close.

And now, so many years later, studying in a college, same things happen to me.
Again and again, my friends leave me one by one.
Having a secondary friend entering the same college as you do is a great thing. Especially that friend is your good friend.
I don’t know. This friend of mine use to be a very competitive girl. She is my good friend sine Form 4. And so happens she is the same college as I am. Still very competitive. I am not saying having a competitive friend is not good, but when she go over broad, it is annoying.
I know she is rich, have a rich boyfriend, but she don’t have to always ‘show’ it. I already know that, don’t have to let me know every day.
And I remember her saying, ‘Peggy, if you met new friends and leave me alone, I will get sad’.
But this is exactly what she do to me.
I know she love them, but she don’t have to go out every single day with them till late at night and lie to her mother that she is with me doing assignment. And please don’t abandon your boyfriend.
You tell me that Alicia knows that Thursday is the day we play badminton and sometimes she don’t go is not a a very good thing. I mean, we love her and want her to join us.
But you also know that Thursday is our day, and why, you aren’t coming anymore?
Why you choose to be with them and not coming for badminton?
Sometimes I really don’t understand you.
You asked me before, what I think bout you, but I did not say it out. I am afraid that you might get offended and will spoil our friendship.
If so happen that you came across this post, this is all the things I wanna tell you.
I don’t have the guts to say it to your face, so I just say it here.
I wish to fix our friendship and not ruin it.
See you when college re-opens.


  1. -shaun- December 20, 2006

    anyway…why dont u make a tagboard?…^^

  2. Peggy December 20, 2006

    ha? em, not the time yet i guess.. hehe

  3. -shaun- December 20, 2006

    its time ker la..
    so tat ppl can suggest bout ur bloggie ma..

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