gettin’ over you

kinda last minute decision, to go over to zouk on a saturday night.
the night isn’t too great, seems like there’s a lack of something but then again it’s good enough. (:

* toilet break and look at my hair, it’s that long already.

i wanna chop off my hair, no not because it’s long.
but because it’s so frizzy and dry and it’s almost identical to dry grass.
with all those colouring and highlighting and perming, there aint a single time where i did treatment to my hair. :X
padan muka la, ada duit buat rambut tak ada duit nak buat treatment. hurhur.

okay enough of my grandma story, back to the pictures.

* bromance, aww. haha

* gavin and yours truly.

* lam poh juan! i use to like him a lot during standard 6. U_U

* mr.kentucky: OI YOU APASAL? hah! no idea whats up with him.

* and he decides to act cute.

* ee, piao ching who came back from Kentucky and me.

* gavin said he wanna hug two girls and snap a picture too. look at his ‘bei’ face, haha.

everyone’s back, either from australia or united states.
except that one slow poke from switzerland.

and oh, switzerland lose to chile last night.
1 nil, too bad.
time to drag a cow back all the way from switz to malaysia. :D

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