Hang On There

Listening to old songs on LiteFM and missing daddy. Sigh, life oh life.

“To hold on to anything is like holding your breath. If you persist you’ll suffocate.”

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the quote, how very true.
talked to the brother today and he asked me the same question i once asked .
and by that, it means i’m right this time . yes, i am .
the question i asked is really something we i should ponder on .

it’s just an excuse. no one knows it better than you do .
but i’m not gonna stress about it anymore . it’s not under my control anyway .
perhaps you should figure it out or perhaps not .
either way, we’ll have the conclusion sooner or later.
and by then, i’ll know if you’re just like any other one out there.


  1. simonso August 26, 2009

    ala so sad, i still like the pool post better!

  2. Peggy August 27, 2009

    simonso: hur hur T____T cause I’m sad..

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