Hot & Steamy night at Maison

The Cheras Clan-ers are back from their university once again.
I wonder if this is our routine, go party every time their back. :X
Anyway, it was last Thursday’s night at Maison.
But damn, no ladies night because the next day is public holiday.
I didn’t know the next day is public holiday, wth.
Super duper crowded with people. Gahh, soooo freaking stuffy I’m almost stuffed to death.

* Disco balll.

* :3

* The girls asked for beers while me, hah. I just grab the liquor beside me.

* Why Wah Foon always wanna close her eyes one?? And who cut out Yan’s face? Gosh.

* We’re suppose to take pictures together but it looks like two groups of people taking their own picture. -__-

* Cool picture, hah! Ee and Jones.

* Cant stand the heat any longer, we just went out and chill while the guys sober up. Why Jones holding my phone? :\

* With Kee Pok and Kok Hoe. We’re all suppose to dress in black btw.

Not a very great night but because I’ve got great friends partying together, it became a great night. Heh. (:

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