in my dream .you’re back

after so long. dad finally came into my dream again last night.
after so so long. i’ve been missing him so much.

a lot of times when i dream of my dad .it is about him coming back home.
like finally he’s back home again after like what. ten years.
same goes to yesterday’s dream. he came back home.

i guess i really want him back so much.
in my dream, the first thing i do when i saw him in the house is run over to him.
and hug him .and cry.
i don’t know how long i actually hugged him, because i remember i didn’t want to let go.
i didn’t want him to leave me. and i keep crying and crying.

it’s like every time, a part of me know that i am dreaming.
and that’s why i try to make him stay as long as i could.
but dreams are always short. and in the end i have to wake up to this reality.
dad’s gone once again.

dad. i’m a lot taller now.

it will be ten years very soon. but until today i’m still crying like he just leave me yesterday.
please appear more in my dreams. come home more. i miss you.

cry for the second time of the year. damn.


  1. Kenneth January 7, 2010

    that why i always treasure those whom left behind in this life, same like you my dad pass away few year ago without manage to said anything too sudden in life. That just life everything happen without our own control, so treasure your mom more :D


  2. jason January 11, 2010

    first time here , sorry about that, may god with your papa .
    cherish your life and i’m sure he is always with you ,take care

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