my heart and my brain are enemies.

i am forever stuck at this situation.
my heart and my brain are never on good terms. never!

i don’t even know if i should classify myself as the brave one, or the dumb one.
prolly dumb suits me more.
it’s like i am forever falling for the wrong guy.

it’s either the wrong guy, or the right guy with a wrong timing. fml!
to have a boyfriend is easy. it is.
but to have a boyfriend who is also my best friend whereby i feel super comfortable being with, is never easy.
not for me.

so it sucks even more when you somehow found someone who you are comfortable with but yeah, wrong timing.
who doesn’t know it is wrong from the start. especially myself.
but what can i do?
right now all i want is just a little companion. just accompany me for the time being.
that will do.

frankly, i cant wait for my birthday to come.
things will be better from then on. for i believe it will.
i guess i just have to struggle a little bit more.

i’m always that strong emotional girl. how can even strong and emotional collaborate? i don’t know.
i’ve experienced worse. guess this is just another piece of cake which i can handle.
but still, i need my companion.
please be there for me. just for a short moment, i promise.

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