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Hmm, hello? Wtf I know that’s lame. But ya, I’m not Peggy Chow who is writing this post. I’m a shameless friend of her to ask her to give me this opportunity to write a blog post. I just feel like writing out of a sudden. D:

I’ve knew her for long, well I would say it’s long enough for me and her to get this strong bond. As we grow older (fml I think we are getting older aren’t we?) I realize it’s just so hard to get a friend like that. It’s never easy. I remember clearly some words from a very good friend of both of us. She said “friends are forever”. I never quite thought about it until I heard it from her, and like I said earlier, as days go by, people come and go, those who actually made the effort to stay, is rare. We can always understand each other easily, even people around us who is actually listening to our conversation don’t really know what we actually on about, we sort of like having a secret language or code, that can only understand by me and her. And I’m loving it. (:

Think properly, it’s actually harder to maintain a friendship than a relationship. Well, at least to me it is. Friendship doesn’t involve commitment, it’s based purely on trust. You are not obliged to update what’s happening around you lately, you are not obliged to keep in touch with them, you do it on your own, your own will. What more when I’m not even around her? I’m in this land, far away from home, it’s even harder with the huge time difference that we got. But nevertheless, we still make it through and here I am, writing my very first blog post. (:

In this month of November, which is kinda special to me. Probably is me that having too much time in my hand, makes me think even more. This is our favorite month I must say, and the reason for it is clear. *evil grins*
But ironically, we only celebrated each other’s birthday for once. Ya, you got me right, it’s only once in these 7 freaking years. I think we got some curse for it or something. )): is there anyone out there that can break the curse for us? D:

For me leaving my beloved country to live and study overseas it’s a really good experience I must say. It tells me a theory that I’ve already knew “幸福不是必然” I knew it, but I never actually felt the meaning of it, not until I leave Malaysia. Friend like this never easy to find and I must say that I’m very very very lucky to have one. Families that are always with me is precious.They are my everything. They are there no matter what I’ve done, how rebellious I was, they are there to forgive me, encourage me, giving me support and what not. They are everything that I needed.

Relationship, going overseas is killing, LDR is never fun, you don’t feel like you’re actually in a relationship when you are having a LDR. Everything feels so unreal, all you do is, video calling as if he’s beside you when you needed him. But it’s never the same, you wouldn’t get cuddle, you wouldn’t get kisses like you normally do. Everything is just so surreal. But I guess that I’m blessed, he didn’t love me any lesser, he still loves me like I never left before. Sometimes I wonder, what have I done in my past life to deserve such a perfect guy like him? I think it’s miracle (:

I think I’m pretty blessed. Good friends, good families and a good relationship. What can I ask more? How can one not blessed when you have a friend like Peggy Chow, that will share all my ups and down. She never went away when I was down, she’s always there when I needed her, she’s always here to share all my happiness and the downside in my life. She’s the one who will cheer me up when I’m not, giving me advice when I’m confused, opening me up when I’m overly stubborn. I’m blessed to have her.

But here again, another year that I couldn’t sing happy birthday song to my bff. The thought itself makes me sad already. )): but nevertheless, I know that she will still have a great one with her love one around her, and this makes me feel better and happy for her, truly from the bottom of my heart. (:

Okay, I think I’m writing a really really long essay here. I guess I should stop rambling in case you guys got too bored and blame Peggy Chow for this >< And lastly, happy birthday Peg, may you have a great one. (: Lots of love. xx Sincerely, Your partner in crime

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