November is here!

November is here..
Its like through out my whole life, I’ve always waited for November to come. But not this time.
I hope November wont come so fast this year, I hope my birthday wont come.
8 more days after my birthday he will be leaving. Every night before I fall deep asleep, the image of me being alone here really scares me. I will be so lonely, so so lonely. Yah, I know I depend on him too much. I’ve got this feeling that words cant describe. How am I going to go through this 1 year without him being by my side. Lonely Christmas, lonely New Year, lonely Chinese New Year, lonely Valentines, lonely Anniversary, even maybe lonely 20th Birthday. Its like so fucking lonely.

I kept telling myself once he is gone I will work, work, work like a cow till January. When January comes, I will study for my 3rd semester, study, study, study until April. And when April is here I will terbang to New Zealand to find him. :) Then its May and I will study study study and then September also study study study for short semester then holiday. Then I will have my internship and by then he will be back. :) Ahh, see, time passes so fast (I’m trying very hard to convince and lie to myself). Argh, this will be the biggest cow shit we have to go through so far. Hope we can really survive in this smelly cow shit.

Enough for all this emo cow shit.. 4 days more and my birthday is here :). I’ve got mix feelings. Happy, sure la, birthday sure happy. Sad, once birthday reach, 8 days more and I’m lonely again.
Anyway, to those Cheras school friends, do come to Shaun’s house on this Saturday to celebrate his farewell as well as my birthday. Come with presents. :D Haha..
If you’ve got no idea what to present me on my birthday, I’ve got some clue for you. :)

Strictly NO Soft toys, photo frames, and those cow shit things please. Although I’m darn short, but I’m an adult now, so don’t present me soft toys. Clothes will do. :)
Shoes will do. Cybershot T70 will do. Levis watch will do. :) Money will do. :)

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