Oh my August…

There’s too much that is trapped in within me right this moment.
This August doesn’t seem like a good month to me but then again it wouldn’t be too bad knowing that I am going for a holiday real soon.
At least that is how I console myself.

There will always, always be ups and downs in life. Without all the downs that we experienced and bound to experience, we wouldn’t be able to learn anything.
My EQ just leveled up, again and all I do is just to laugh it off like how I laugh at retards.

I have this piece of wall that cheers me up whenever I’m down and I’ll always be fine at the end of the day no matter what.
Looking at these instax films, reminiscing the memories brings me a calm feeling.

1. I will always miss those good old times.
2. Life still goes on.
3. I’m not UPSET just that there’s a little too many changes this August. I need time to cope.
4. Time to think happy thoughts : BANGKOK!

People change. Surroundings change. Everything in life will change. But memories don’t. :)

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