Party Animals

Exactly when was the last time I posted about clubbing!?
It’s like I retire from the party scene when in fact, not.
Just that I’m too lazy to sort the pictures out but here I am, doing what I should. (:

Clubbing in Melbourne is a pain in the ass during winter.
Imagine walking on the road with less than ten degree weather in a ‘skimpy’ clothing.
I mean, cant be expecting me to wear four layers of clothes like how I normally would, to a club right.
Just a cardigan over my short dress and that’s it. /freeze
And then what do I do with the cardigan in the club? Hang it in the cloak room for 5 dollars each time.
Annoying much.

And then normally there isn’t any table for us in the club, unlike here in Malaysia.
They just goes up to the bar and buy shots instead of opening bottles.
No tables, no chairs equals to no place for me to sit.
I cant be dancing in my heels for a few hours straight, I’ll probably die from exhaustion.
Unless I follow the guys to the smoking area, which is an outdoor, which means cold to death.

I guess I’m just not use to it.
But then again, the people I club with in Melbourne are nice people to hang out with (:

* first clubbing in Melbourne.

* the guys at Alumbra.

* bass lounge’s smoking area.

* look at that red face ben, haha.

* the guys enjoying their drinks at neverland.

* <3
* dennis the little brother and me.

* me and wesley, and he’s only 18!!

* moments when I’m lazy to use my camera.

* my fatty. HAHA!

* victoria and me.

* jovin (:

I feel like I’m too old for clubbing sometimes.


  1. vvens August 25, 2011

    the first picture of this post if very nice! you look very pretty and the whole thing is just perfect! :D

  2. Peggy August 30, 2011

    vvens: awwww!! thank you heh (((:

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