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I am reaching my crucial year, aren’t I?
In less than a month I will turn 24 and I’ve never felt this old in my life.
I’m almost breaking a sweat, how is this even happening? How am I hitting 24 already?

There’s no way you can stay away from responsibilities as you age, they’re parallel or almost.
You can delay it from hitting you if you’re born rich but it will just come crashing at you sooner or later.

If you’re not the one who is climbing up the position ladder in the office, if you’re not the one earning Rm3000 and above at this age, if you’re not the one planning to buy a property then you’re the one who wonder ‘What the fuck am I doing in my life when others can be that good?’.

I am so far behind.
When will it be my turn.
Will I ever be that good to have my turn.
What am I gonna do if my income stay stagnant.

The above is just a few questions that you and I may have asked.
The world is so competitive right now or has it been this competitive all the way back to our parents’ era?
All we ever wanted is to have lots of money and enjoy life to the fullest ain’t it?
We always want the same thing, good food, branded goods, travel to nice places, nice cars, nice gadget and you’ll be on top.
Most often than not I wonder, how hard do I have to work or how smart do I have to be to achieve all the above.
Was it easy for them, for those who have it all?
Was it easy for them to start, was it a one hit wonder?

How do you set your priority in life when you don’t have it all?
When you’re just a normal person like me?
Time or money, you cant have best of both world if you aren’t rich to begin with.
Either you die working and have money with little time or you buy time with money.
All the applying leave and quitting jobs are traded with money.
Do people from 50 years back buy time and freedom with money like we do?

It is never easy to find a balance, especially not in Malaysia.
You work for long hours with low pay and not to forget the high expenses.
How many of us normal people can have a good balance between time and money?
Well unless you weren’t tempted by anything material or what I’ve mentioned above.
But then again, what’s life without indulging be it food or travel, branded or gadget.

Life can be this hard after your university days pass you by and this might just be one of the worst wake up call you have in life.
Another one will be realising actually people around you do die and leave but more on that another time.

For myself, I’d always go for time rather than money.
That is the reason as to why I hate 9 to 5 jobs and to why I hate even more on the word overtime.
Of course to most people, job is not just a job. It is a career where you can climb but career is a strange word to me.
I’m still in the midst of searching (searching since forever).
Having a job is sacrificing freedom in return of something else, no one likes it but everyone just have to do it.

You know, one thing I am glad of even in the midst of working is having found Caravan.
Caravan to me is not just another online store or just another lame shop that aims at earning money.
There are a number of things I have learned ever since I created Caravan with my partners.

I’ve always thought that it is going to be easy and I assume most of the people out there do think that setting up an online store is easy (and somewhat lame too).
But it was never.

I am the one dealing with marketing and customers and I have the duty to make sure that items from Caravan are sold off so that my partners will get what they deserve which most of the time made me feel stress.
Dealing with partners are never easy especially when everyone has their own say.
From stocks to labeling to customers to brand image, they can drive you crazy when they want to.

I never once regret for creating Caravan even though there are disagreements and fights because at the end of the day we always make it through.
Neither did my partners regret doing this.

I can trade time with money but I will never trade Caravan for anything else, time or money.

I see people complaining not having enough time or not having enough money.
Either you earn less and have more time, your earn more and have less time, or buck up and sacrifice everything else until you reach that point.

What’s your priority in life?
Mine is time and freedom.
Mine is love and Caravan.

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