Play hard = Work hard

Ok, what the hell is wrong with the damn line?
I’ve been wanting to post this blog for days and when I finally have the time to do so, the line decide to die on me.
I cannot upload pictures at all and its irritating me. Grr..

I’ll post it tomorrow, super waste time can.
I’ve spend my whole day reading book and doing my assignment. : )
I’m such a good girl, right? (self praise, wtf.)

Since I’m going to clubs quite frequently these days, I better study harder to balance up.
If I want to play hard, I gotta study hard as well. : )

Jones really opened up my mind.
Like what he said, its either I aim for the highest or I don’t aim anything at all.
I really doubt myself, I doubt my ability.
However, doubting myself shouldn’t be an excuse.
I wanna aim for the highest, I want to get a first class honours degree. Don’t laugh.
I know this sounds funny, thats why I really doubt myself.

I’m gonna work really really hard this time, I hope I can really discipline myself.
I will give my best effort. : ) *pray pray pray, wtf*
Oklah, enough of my crapping. I’ll blog again tomorrow.
Good nights, adios.

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