puff away

no shit . it’s pouring down sheer pain .


staring at the June cigarette box, i have this sudden urge to grab a ciggie, light it up and puff away.
how so ironic. don’t get me wrong, am not being emotional.
just moodless. and of all sudden that slim cigarette these guys are puffing seems so interesting.
i continue staring. it seems like that slim cancer stick can somehow calms me down. or maybe not, i don’t know.
the more i stare, the more magical it seems.

hmm, if only i dare to light it up.
if only i dare to take the first puff.


  1. vvens September 6, 2009

    erm, is that you or your mama? it looks her your mama weh! haha

  2. Peggy September 6, 2009

    that’s my mama. :*D
    but i prank my friends before this and said that was me. haha.

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